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  • Dumb question here, but I cannot find anything in the documentation:

    Does WordPress support future/timed posting? I’m just getting started using it and can’t figure it out.

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  • On the Write Post page, glance over the right column. Look for “Post Timestamp”. You may have to click the little white “+” to expand it.

    Write your post as normal. But at some point before you publish, check the “Edit Timestamp” box and set the date/time you want the post to show up. Now click Publish.

    Apparently if you just set the timestamp to some future date, WordPress will not release the post until that time, yes.

    So, you can write an article, set the timestamp for tomorrow, and viewers going to your site won’t see it today, but they will see it when they go tomorrow.

    However, WordPress still pings it’s ‘ping services’ when you publish the article even if it is set in the future. So, it’s possible to have links to future articles floating around out there.

    There is an actual timed release plugin out there – but it is commercial (i.e. you have to buy it), so if the ping issue is a problem (which it would be if you’re a commercial blog) you might look for that. (sorry, I don’t remember the URL, ATM).

    Curses! You win this time, HandySolo… 😉

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