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  • gregsbaby64


    I tried to post a test post in the future and it posted it then! I did check the box for “change timestamp” and it did it again. I also tried by putting it in a draft mode, until I figure out what the problem is. I am using WP 1.2 and have never tried it with this version, although on previous versions it worked just fine. Is it a server issue? My host is -4 hours from me.

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  • TreoRenegade


    Hi Sara,
    FWIW, I was looking up the identical issue here, but around 4a.m. (US/ET). I did find a 3 page thread that resolved things, but I didn’t save the URL. I do recall searching on <future post>, and that the thread was listed in the top half of the hit list. Only a handful. Sorry I can’t be more precise.
    Once I studied it, I was able to test with the precise results I anticipated. But the server and my locale are identical; folks contributing to the thread had various server vs locale deals though, so you’ll find something to help.



    It’s worked for me – running 1.2 Mingus – all I had to do was make sure that the time stamp was relative to the time zone where the server is (which it +1 relative to me). See if that helps any. If your host is -4 from you, meaning 4 hours behind you, then try setting the post time to tomorrow instead. See if that works or not. If it does, then that would seem to indicate a “server” issue,where by you just need to keep that in mind when posting in the future.



    Thanks! I have put up a post +4 hours so we’ll see tonight!
    Oh, will it ping when it posts in the future?



    Ok, it posted, yay! It had the time in the future + 4 hours. Weird! Now it won’t let me delete it. Something about enabling sending referrers???

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