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  • My future post function at linux fedora 5 doesn’t work.
    For example:
    1. At 1st April 2007 13:40, post a future post, titled “test” time stamp is set to 1st April 2007 13:50
    2. At 13:45, Dashboard->Scheduled Entries apper a “test in 5 mins”, seems OK.
    3. At 13:49, Dashboard->Scheduled Entries apper a “test in 1 mins”, seems OK.
    4. At 13:50, this post doesn’t appear in my blog, future post doesn’t work.
    5. At 13:51, Dashboard->Scheduled Entries apper “test in 1 mins.
    5. At 13:55, Dashboard->Scheduled Entries apper “test in 5 mins.
    6. At 2nd April 2007 13;50, Dashboard->Scheduled Entries apper “test in 1 day”

    Can anyone help me or give me a hint, thanks.

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  • This is a problem that I too am having. I don’t think it’s a “linux fedora 5” problem as I’m on an Apache setup and experiencing the exact same issue even after the upgrade to 2.2. Either no one really future posts, or no one is really screaming about this broken feature.

    Have the same problem, see this

    I had the same problem with WordPress 2.1.1
    and I’m Screaming about this problem!!!!!!!

    Do you know if this function work with older revision ?
    What is the latest version I should download to have future posting working?

    Future posting works in all versions of WordPress. After WordPress 2.1, it works differently, and some hosts have bad configurations that cause it to break.

    These also cause other things to break as well, so you should ask your host why your site cannot pull webpages from itself. That’s the fundamental problem here.

    Suddenly, I had this problem last week in one of my blogs: after almost two years without problems, future posts do not appear. I changed my wordpress version from 2.1.3 to 2.2.2, but the problem it is the same.

    I read what Otto42 said, and I went to my hosting. They said: ┬┐bad configuration? We need something more especific if you want us to help you. But the cuestion is that I had three domains and hostings with them and the other two blogs with wordpress work perfect (one of them in the same machine).

    May be you are right, Otto42, and it is not a problem with wordpress, but it is a problem and some of us can’t fix it.

    Thanks in advance to whoever can help me.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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