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  • It has been announced that the classic editor plugin has a limited life expectancy and than eventually it will be altered to move people in the direction of the new block editor and then finally phased out.

    My question is: Do you have any plans in the future of building into this plugin the things that are removed from the Classic Editor plugin and incorporate classic editor into this plugin again when it is finally removed from WP?

    Thanks for any information you are able to give here.

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  • Plugin Author Pieter Bos


    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question.

    It has been announced that […] it will be altered to move people in the direction of the new block editor and then finally phased out.

    I have been a bit occupied with other things lately, would you happen to have the source of this announcement?

    Regarding your question, I think that our aim is to keep the Classic Editor in WordPress for as long as possible. If the Classic Editor plugin is altered in such a way that people start seeing notices to “encourage” them to move to play with blocks, then I can imagine that we will look for ways to counter-act that.

    With 2019 a mere week young, I think it is a bit early to look at what might happen in the last week of 2022 to be honest. Who knows, WordPress may no longer exist then…

    Thread Starter John Huebner


    Thanks for the reply, I don’t have any links that I remember. I have spent many hours over the last week or so reading and there was mention of it is all I can remember at this point. I’m just looking at options available because GB is not one of them.

    Plugin Author Pieter Bos


    I appreciate that the block editor is not the direction you want to take the sites of your clients, but I think it is too early to panic.

    I think that for now there are 2 very good solutions:

    • remain on WP 4.9.x and install the Remove WP Update Nags that I have just released earlier today to get rid of the nags. The plugin comes with a filter that allows for minor updates, so you will not have any sudden “surprises”
    • allow WordPress to update to 5.0.x and use the Classic Editor Addon plugin to get rid of the block-nonsense

    And eventually you can start looking at a different CMS that is more suitable to build clients’ websites on. Personally I like the premium Kirby CMS very much. It belongs to the category flat file CMS and is therefore inherently more secure and can be faster out of the box than a CMS that comes with a database.

    Hope that helps.

    Thread Starter John Huebner


    I wouldn’t call it panicking just yet. But I work in an agency and we’re looking at options. One of those options is indeed not updating sites. There are other options which I’m sure you’re aware of. My main question was really if you would consider keeping this plugin alive and the classic editor working if/when WP decides to remove it and I thought that my question was better asked here than somewhere else. I think the answer was yes, you’d consider it if and when it was necessary, so that’s all I really needed to hear.

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