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    One feature that would be very attractive to the masses, would be to offer a simple interface for changing the entire “skin” of a slider. A drop-down menu, perhaps with a small preview, would allow users to choose between metallic, construction, minimalist etc. Of course, they all suck 🙂 but you can find plenty of other slider elements on the web, some of them quite jaw-dropping. When you start working on this, hit me up and I’ll provide some examples.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob Dubail


    Awesome. Sounds good.

    Not sure if you noticed, but I have built in a feature for custom skinning already. Basically, the plugin checks a few places in your theme folder for anythingslider.css, and if it exists, it will be used instead of the built in css. While I don’t have a way to preview the theme, yet, the functionality is there.

    What’s the best way to go about previewing the homepage from the backend in this way?


    The average WordPress user won’t take the time to read any documentation. Not only that, but they definitely won’t mess around with CSS files and FTP uploads and whatnot. Whatever comes built in, that’s what they’ll use.

    As for previewing skins, I didn’t mean an actual real-time preview, rather just small pictures with example screenshots.

    And keep in mind… even after the FX is added, this will be just another slider. Some cool eye candy can make it stand out and it’s the eye candy is what people want. Not lightweightness or performance or whatever. It could be Adobe Flash, for all they care. If it looks good, it’s a great plugin!

    Just for inspiration:

    …although there are plenty of free sets, too.

    Plugin Author Jacob Dubail


    Gotcha. Makes total sense. I had it in my mind that you were proposing an idea like Theme Preview for slider skins. This sounds far easier!

    I’ll get cracking on the FX extension and reach out for input as I get something going.

    Thanks again for all of your thoughts/input.

    Plugin Contributor Mottie


    @flixflix *cry* You hate my themes?!! I never claimed to be a “good” designer… I *know* my construction theme sucks big time LOL. Maybe if you have time, you put some examples together that I could include with the plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Mottie


    Just to update everyone… I’ve added ten more themes!

    Note that these new theme files are independent of the “anythingslider.css” file, so you only need to add this theme file and set name in the plugin “theme” option.

    The original themes “metallic”, “minimalist-round”, “minimalist-square”, “cs-portfolio” and “construction” all required the “anythingslider.css” file to be loaded – I look into making them independent as well.

    Hi Mottie,

    Your new “office”, “shiny” and light/dark “tabs” themes are particularly striking – very nice work!

    So which file(s) get added where in WordPress?

    Plugin Contributor Mottie


    You just need to add the desired css file and theme image in the appropriate folder, then in the WP plugin, just add the name of the theme in the theme option.

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