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  • I was trying to create a web page where I can write events posts in chronological order. I thought that it would be nice if I could order the events posts by the event date, that means I would post some events that are planed to take place 2 month after I’m writing about it, so I inputed the future date, and when I refreshed the web page I saw that the post wasn’t there. This means that until the exact day and hour the post won’t be seen.

    So, is any possibility to avoid this time gap?
    Thanks for all, I hope I have explained it correctly.

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    If you set a post in the future, it won’t show until the time of the post. This is so you can make a bunch of posts and have them show up automatically when you want them to show up.

    This is by design. It’s a feature. It can’t be worked around without extensive code changes.

    If you want posts to show up earlier, give them earlier dates/times.

    This is what i’m doing but means lot of control…
    There’s another solution: custom order of my posts. Do you know something about that?


    Andrew Ozz


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    I was trying to create a web page where I can write events posts in chronological order…

    All posts are already in chronological order. If I understand you correctly, today you want to write a post for an event in July, tomorrow you want to write a post for an event in June, etc. and have them display by the date of the events, not the date they were written on.

    Perhaps when writing the post about the event in June, set the date 1 hour before the post about the event in July, then it will display correctly (and you can write other posts later and set the time according to where you want them to appear.

    That has the side effect of not showing the actual date of writing the posts, but seems like the easiest solution.

    I agree you, in fact is what i’m doing, but I think what am i going to do when i have to write about lots of events…

    You might look at this plugin:

    “Events” are entered as posts, with an extra set of fields for the “event date”. The plugin controls how the events are viewed on a calendar, and that works in forward-chron. order.

    Later, once the event has passed, you can keep the post but remove the special fields, if you want.

    The developer offers okay tech support through his email list.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

    I’ve got a similar problem with m y blog, i would like to make a kind of blog where i could show the events for today and the events 1 month from today, I’ve got the eventcalendar3 installed (what scormeny suggested) but I still can not make it work!

    I’ll contact these guys to see what i can get from them.

    Thanks guys,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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