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    I found out by accident that the Fusion Theme (latest downloaded version to date May 4, 2009) isn’t always parsed very well in Internet Explorer 7, whereas it works like a charm in any other browser as well as in IE6.x and IE8. In IE7, the footer doesn’t appear at the bottom of the page, but it runs along the (almost) top of the page or post through the text.

    The Fusion Theme site Fusion Theme (!) doesn’t have this problem in IE7 though, so I suspect something in my own configuration. I’d be dipped in HS if I knew what….

    The site in question:

    Does anyone have any pointers? Any help is very much appreciated.



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  • Carlo,

    I checked your site with the W3C HTML Validator, and came up with 43 errors, all in the sidebar.

    It starts with the <div id="searchtab"> at the top (using a <div> in a <ul> outside of an <li>), and everything else goes down like a house of cards. The end result is you come up with missing </div> closing tags, which isn’t good for your layout’s proper flow.

    So…get your sidebar so the code validates and then see where you’re at.

    It may be helpful to inactivate your sidebar widgets before you make the corrections, then activate them one-by-one to make sure you’re okay.

    Hope this helps…

    Hello 11worth,

    I see what you mean. I only wished I could hack PHP code, which I can’t. I was actually banking on the Theme to contain correct syntax. I’ll try the widget thing first, to see if there are any faults in there that I made, but that is about the extent of what I am capable of.

    Thanks for your help. It is eye-opening, so to speak.



    Carlo, 11worth doesn’t mean that you need to fiddle with the php code for the widgets necessarily.

    What you need to do is simply deactivate/turn off/remove all of your sidebar widgets, reload your website and then see if your footer reappears in the right place.

    If so, this means that something in your widgets is messing with your theme code.

    If deactivating all your widgets fixes the footer problem, then what you need to do is reactivate each widget back and each time you add a widget, reload your page to see if your footer is still in place.

    If the problem is coding in your widgets somewhere, deactivating and reactivating them one by one and reloading your page between reloads will show you where the problem is.

    Good luck! 🙂

    Hmm, yeah, I get it. I have been playing with that already and will do so more until I find the culprit. The game is afoot, as Sherlock used to say.

    Thanks too. You are a bunch of clever guys…. 🙂

    Okay, I did it. I demolished all the widgets from the site and presto! It validates with flying colours. But after I put the fist widget back – even a native theme-one which I can’t have screwed up myself, the validation errors re-appear.

    Apparently, there is something wrong with the widget-loop-thingy that is invoked after one uses a widget in the theme. Shame, bummer, but hey, such is life for a code-oblivious regular like me.

    Thanks everyone for the input. It’s Friday, the beer calls….


    I have a status update: I upgraded WordPress to 2.8 (snazzy, very snazzy…) and all is fine. I have no clue why, but my problems are gone.



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