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  • Hey Matthew first of all I’d like to thank you for this awesome plugin, I use it for a youth run website in Australia and we love it.

    I have a few requests.

    1 – When I add an event (and perhaps this is just localised to my website), paragraphs are removed in the event description. I feel like allowing paragraphs would make the events displayed look a lot cleaner

    2 – When an image is displayed on the event, it appears below the description and before the address. If it is a large image it obscures the screen. Maybe it could be displayed on the top right, and have a default size (or at least a max width so it does not inferfere with the text on the left).

    –Just so you know what I’m talking about for 1 & 2 ,

    3 – Firstly, reccuring events are a pain to put in. It’s been mentioned already in this thread but it would be great if you only had to add an event that occurs weekly once. For instance it could ask how often it occurs, and how long it will be occuring for (ie. every tuesday for 5 weeks)

    Cheers man. I hope my requests have been clear enough for you to understand.

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  • Plugin Author Matthew


    hey bud, glad you like the plugin! Great to hear people around the world enjoying the work. Let’s see whats up…

    I see what you mean about the paragraphs. You are looking for some basic HTML formatting, like paragraphs and bold and italics, where users could enter in richer formatting. Good idea. I’ll look into that further.

    For the images, I’ve attached a class of “eomImage” to each image presented through the plugin. This way you can format your theme’s stylesheet with whatever dimensions you like for the images:


    I’m looking into a way to add the reoccurring events without spamming event listings. Originally we set this up to make people put in a great event every week and keep down “set once and forget” recurring events, but we are looking to think of ways to add repeats or at least allow a select number of repeated events. Interesting solutions to this are welcome.

    Anyways, keep me posted with your likes and dislikes and I’ll see what I can drop into the last release. Thanks for the message.


    Thanks for replying so fast!

    I think basic HTML would be really well appreciated, as it means event information can be separated (dot points, etc), while at the moment you have to view it as a block of text.

    I’m not sure about everyone else, but with the images, I would prefer them to be displayed on the right, next to the text and event description. I guess that was my main request regarding images. Not sure how difficult/possible it would be to make this function, it was just an idea.

    I understand why you would be careful about allowing recurring events. Maybe you could just include this function and give the administrator the option to turn it on and off?

    Do i understand correctly (from your last paragraph) that the next release of eom will be the last? Just curious really…

    Anyway, keep up the good work!


    Plugin Author Matthew


    The main reason for the lack of formatting originally was to keep event description concise and to the point: brevity was key. We found that event promoters would tend to paste in huge blocks of text that would impair readability. I’m sure we could still limit text and offer a moderate amount of page formatting (or at the very least recognize line breaks as new paragraphs.

    for the images, if you’d like them displayed to the right, re-size them appropriately and then float them to whichever direction you wish. Talk to your designer about this, but it would be as simple as adding a rule like this to your stylesheet:


    No, I’ll continue to be updating the EoM. No reason to discontinue development, as I’ve got some great things in store for it in the future. If you love it, remember to give the plugin a good rating in the plugin repository!

    I’ll make sure to keep up to date with the development. Hopefully we’ll see paragraphing ability added at some stage, as that is probably the update I’d like to see the most.
    Thanks very much for your replies,

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