• The scrolling effect on Chrome is perfect. Too bad it doesn’t work on other browsers, especially Firefox and Safari (Divi theme used). I’m hoping for some updates!

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  • Plugin Author kubiq


    It works on Firefox on Windows, but it’s almost impossible to make it works on Apple browsers, because scrolling event values are malformed by Apple engine…

    when you install Chrome or Firefox on Apple device it’s very different Chrome and Firefox than on Windows devices…

    and Safari… well, that’s a new IE… it’s a tool that you should use to download a real browser 😀

    there were many attempts to make this works also on safari, but without success… if you know any website working on safari with a smooth scroll, let me know, but I’ve never seen any…

    Locomotive Scroll demo page works in Safari. But I’m interested in your plugin because I only need smooth scrolling. However, I would like it to work in all popular browsers

    Plugin Author kubiq


    Hi @rayled, well, that’s the point, that locomotive is not a real scroll… it’s a fake one, just css moving a very long div, so it’s easy to make this works everywhere… but if you want to keep original browser scrollbar and just control scroll movement – that’s much more complicated and Apple made this almost impossible…

    I don’t like thse fake scrollers as they break many things, eg. try to search on that page with CTRL+F … impossible… and there are many other problems

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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