• Hi,

    I am new to this plugin and have some queries

    1) I want to display the products only on one particular page of my site. How can I do this? What are the settings?

    2) I am not able to get a multi-columnar display despite choosing all the templates. How can I get this?

    3) I want to display say about 50 selected products only. Even when as a test I add the ASIN numbers of two products, other products show up. Why is this happening?

    4) I am using Units by Category so is it necessary for me to add my amazon secret code, etc.

    5) I have affiliate ID’s for different countries so if I want a unit say Pet products, then do I need to create the unit Pet Products for different countries. How does the geolocation work in this plugin?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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