• Sofia


    First, the interface is extremely user-friendly. A quick start is possible even for absolute beginners. I enjoy the clean and simple design. You will be happy if you only need it for newsletters or some light automations for WordPress users.

    Why only three stars? With MailPoet you will not be able to build any lead funnel due to some missing features:

    1. If you use double-opt-in (you must in Europe), you can have only ONE thank-you-page for all your lead funnels and lists. You cannot add an upsell offer per list on the thank-you-page. You can literally have only one generic thank-you-page for all your lists and funnels.
    2. There is no hook or any 3rd-party-automation AFTER thank-you-page. Your funnel will always stop here. E.g., there is no possibility to automatically create a WordPress user or enroll them in a course or send them an EDD discount code, neither add them to a special BodyBoss group. Nothing. No Zapier, no hooks, no webhook, no filters, no actions.

    There have been feature requests for years for these two functions.

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