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  • Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    Sorry to hear this. Could you please supply some details so I can look into this? The following would be handy.

    • What is not working?
    • Do you have a link to a page with this on?
    • What is the plugin version?
    • What is your WordPress version?
    • What Widgets are you trying to use?


    Hello author,

    It stopped working in the last 1-2 days on my site as well. It appears your plugin may have stopped working for everyone who uses it. Even your website shows your account is suspended:
    Perhaps it is related to that?

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    This is all very strange. I did make a change 6 days ago… but this was just to the readme file and some images that are used in the directory listing on this site (like the icon on the right of this page).

    Yeah that site has been suspended as I’ve moved to a new domain for my personal site, I’m not sure how this could be related.

    Are you able to give me some details as per the post above? I also take it that you had the plugin installed and it was working prior to a few days ago?

    Das Plugin funktionierte nach der Installation nicht und tut es jetzt auch nicht. Ich kann nur die Einstellungen vornehmen und dann wars das.
    siehe hier:

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    @edepeter, I’m unable unable to see that link. Are you able to take a screenshot, please? or a link to the post or page that you have tried using this on?

    Also, can you provide information as requested above please? I have just tested this on a fresh wp4.5 install and even tried installing older versions and upgrading and this seems to be OK.

    Would be useful to know
    * What is the plugin version?
    * What is your WordPress version?
    * What Widgets are you trying to use?

    BTW, for other readers this is what google translate gave me;

    The plugin was not working after installation and does not do it now. I can only make the settings, and then that’s it.
    look here

    Es ist einfach nur eine Katastrophe mit diesem übersetzen durch Google.

    Ich habe WP .5
    Plugin ist 0.0.12

    Wie kann ich hier einen Screen Shot posten? Ich kenne mich da nicht aus.

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    Yes, it is difficult with the language.

    So WordPress 4.5?
    And theme version?

    Have you tried something like this?

    Annina Pro Version: 1.3.6

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny



    Are you happy to try out another theme? Just to test?

    I can try with the free version and will let you know how I get on. But this may be tomorrow.

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    Update: I have tried with the free version of Annina on WordPress 4.5 and it works OK.

    It may be an issue with the pro version and the extra features that has.

    If you could try with a different theme that would be useful.

    Maybe try contacting the theme publisher to see if they can help also?

    Ich werde auf KEINEN Fall wegen einem Plugin meine Theme wechseln.
    Und ich will es auch nicht versuchen.

    Ich werde gleich das Plugin deinstallieren und noch einmal neu installieren. Wenn es dann immer noch nichts war, hat sich das mit dem Plugin erledigt.
    Gruß Ede-Peter

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    Google Translate:

    I will switch to NO case because a plugin my Theme .
    And I will not even try .

    I’m equal to uninstall the plugin and install all over again . If there is nothing still was then , this has done with the plugin .

    OK, fair enough. I can only say that I think this is a conflict with your theme then, as I see it working on the default WordPress themes and also the free version of Annina. I’m not sure what more I can suggest.

    If you have the tech know-how (or willing to learn) then you could create a local install on your PC and try it out there?

    You could try the Turbo Widgets plugin which does something similar to this, perhaps your theme will not conflict with it?

    Gut … ich habe es probiert und es funktioniert einfach nicht
    Vielen Dank für ihre Mühen und ihre Geduld.
    Gruß Ede-Peter

    Plugin Author toddhalfpenny


    No worries.

    If you’re happy to email the PRO version of the theme I’ll take a look, and will delete it once we’re done.

    Also, might be worth emailing the theme publisher to let them know about the conflict.

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