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    Well, I don’t know why there are those errors, but maybe you can help me…The errors emerged yesterday, after the hostserver of my hoster was rebooted.
    Here’s line 1736 which caused the errors, I think:
    $theme_data = implode(‘’, file($theme_file));

    A friend of mine said, that a file is missing. But I don’t know which file. Or where this file is. Changing the functions.php didn’t change anything. But I think it is something with the theme I’m using for my blog.

    The whole errorlist is here:

    I’m using wordpress 2.0.4 with some plugins, but the plugins don’t cause the errors, I have extinguished them all and nothing changed.

    Thanks for your help. And I hope I can fix the problem with your help^^

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  • Did the host upgrade or downgrade or reconfigure PHP as part of that reboot yesterday?

    Er…I don’t know. My host is often attacked by crackers (no, not hackers <.<) and it got performance-problems. I think the host didn’t reconfigured/upgraded/downgraded it.
    But GTChats doesn’t work either at the moment. But thats perl and not important I guess.
    The support of my host says it is a problem of mine and not of the host and its servers.

    Wait a moment, I’ll try to translate the answer of the support:

    Support: It was a problem of yours and not of us, how I has supposed.

    Me: Yes, it seems a problem of mine. the problem is, that my blog is build up the vistered-little-theme (my maintheme) and the error seems to be there anyway. x.x Looks like it is something with the theme. Look at line 1736. Is it normal, this $ there?
    $theme_data = implode(”, file($theme_file));

    Support: Yes, that is a variable. There is just a file missing.

    Me: And which one? I didn’t delete anything yesterday

    No answer from the support. I think he’s lazy hehe…

    And I’m totaly dumb at PHP. Damn…
    And sorry for the bad translation and also my posts ^^’ typical german school english.

    Edit: Urgh no…I can’t go into the adminpanel.

    You were running 2.0.4, right? Head over to the Downloads page and grab another copy and then re-upload the /wp-includes directory. Let’s make sure nothing got corrupted on your server.

    Yeah, 2.0.4
    Ok, I’ll try it. Hope it will fix it and thanks for your help^^

    Edit: Nothing changed…Same errors…Strange

    Sorry, doublepost. well, I think, I should delete the old database and make a new one with the name of the old one. er, yes. thanks for help.

    Before deleting: what happens if you switch to another theme? Like the classic or default?

    then there are no errormessages. but in the adminpanel they are anyway.

    1. That means the main culprit is your theme.
    2. You mean the same error messages? Or what?

    the same messages yes. yeah, I think it is the theme, too. But what can I do? (and sorry for this damned bad school english x.x)

    Edit: What the…403? Err…4-0-3?? Ok, now I really can delete it, or?

    Edit 2: Ok, looks like the host is down again…

    no ideas?

    Error 403 = forbidden = wrong permissions.

    Ideas? – maybe a decent host?

    I mean ideas for this errors in wordpress ^^’…

    By the way: They’ve got some server problems xD want to play host but don’t know how. Err…yeah…
    A decent host? I don’t know. 200 mb space, 750 GB traffic, 10 subdomains, 5 databases, 5 ftp accounts (and with xx postings you get more and more…for example 50 posts –> 350 MB etc. that’s ok, don’t you think?)

    My host is on again. And look, my blog is ok also o.O whatever they’ve done, they did it great. Oh, and thanks for your help! If you need help in sections like security or viruses, I’m your man…err…woman xD

    @mod: thread can be closed^^

    Glad to hear you got everything working again. Those darn hosts… 😉

    Oh – you and you can close it yourself. Up at the of of the page, change it to resolved.

    ah, ok.
    by the way, the problem was a plesk update. xD

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