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  • Hey guys. I recently had this error when trying to switch back to my theme. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _verify_activate_widget() (previously declared in /home/zbeworl0/public_html/Newsblog/wp-content/themes/arras/functions.php:188) in /home/zbeworl0/public_html/Newsblog/wp-content/themes/arras/library/admin/templates/functions.php on line 243

    I need this fixed ASAP and have no idea where to start. Can someone lend a hand?



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  • Did you modify the theme, specifically the admin/templates/functions.php file? If that is what caused the error, you could use ftp or a file manager from your hosting service to upload a fresh copy of wp-content/themes/arras/library/admin/templates/functions.php.

    Hey thanks for the reply. Nope never modified anything! I even deleted and reinstalled the theme but to no avail. any more ideas?

    What version of arras are you using. I downloaded v and cannot find _verify_activate_widget in any file.

    1.5.2 RC2

    I found the line it’s talking about in the functions.php file but didn’t know what to do with it

    If you look at this link:

    you will see that 1.5.2 RC2 is listed as unstable. Use a stable version.

    I also tried the version you are talking about but I got another error. shall i try again and post it?

    AFter trying the version im getting Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _verify_activate_widget() (previously declared in /home/zbeworl0/public_html/Newsblog/wp-content/themes/arras 2/functions.php:75) in /home/zbeworl0/public_html/Newsblog/wp-content/themes/arras 2/library/admin/templates/functions.php on line 279

    I hope we can fix this as no other theme seems to be satisfactory 🙁

    I am beginning to suspect that your site has been hacked. The functions.php file that I just downloaded ends at line 256 with these lines:

    /* End of file functions.php */
    /* Location: ./library/admin/templates/functions.php */

    Is there any way i can send you something to look at? Im totally desperate here my friend. Im willing to do anything to fix this!

    Download a copy of the same version of the theme to your local machine and compare the two files.

    If you have been hacked, it could be a long, difficult process to clean up.

    You can do a free scan of your site at the link below. It does not catch all malware, but does a pretty good job.

    If that reports errors, see the Codex article FAQ My Site Was Hacked for tips on cleanup.

    just reading this thread sorry to hear Zacho

    but @vtxyzzy can I ask what can you do to prevent hacking and spamming etc I’m totally new to WP is there anyplace I can read up on protecting my site?

    Thanks in advance!

    I just did the scan and nothing. its all green. Hmm. Im stumped and very frustrated at this point :'(

    @kizzie86, start here:

    then do a Google search on ‘hardening wordpress

    And, please, next time start your own thread rather than inserting a new question into an existing thread.

    @zacho56, did you download the theme to your local machine and compare the two functions.php? What did you find?

    If your site is clean, the extra code probably came from a plugin. Try deactivating all plugins to see if the error goes away.

    If it does, reactivate one half at a time to find the one causing the problem.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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