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  • Hello,

    I have been using this plugin for about 8 months now, it is invaluable to my and I thank you for creating it, I have zero code knowledge, only possess common sense so I can make sense of some things if I study it… I posted the review on the plugin earlier, I noticed the issue recently of the settings page not appearing, and since updated to the new 1.2 version.

    Luckily I also kept the previous version in case it was broken since originally I actually had to modify your code to get it to work.

    A few things of note, I would love to help you bring this further up to speed and fix some bugs and add a couple things that are needed in your Functions.PHP:

    One: Once again this plugin despite having Verotel selected in the settings page seems to attempt to point to Cardbilling, or the Wrong servers on checkout, Verotel (At least my FlexPay account) does not know what to do with it. I have fixed this by updating the PHP to point to the correct verotel checkout servers.

    Two: This plugin does NOT support multiple currencies, and thus leaves out a ton of Verotels payment methods such as SOFORT bank account direct debit options (Verotel requires the checkout currency to be in Euro for this), you guys seem to do this by setting a forced default USD as the checkout currency without actually querying the current shops currency. I have also fixed this and now it processes in the current ‘Order_Currency’.

    Three: You have your ’empty cart’ code way way too early, this means even if you have a failed transaction, the cart has already been emptied well before the Verotel transaction is ever completed or more importantly Failed, meaning the customer has to add the product again to have another go at payment, I have moved this far later in the code in the PHP and now products stay in the cart until the transaction is actually successful.

    Four: I have changed your ‘Update_Status’ from ‘On Hold’ to ‘Pending’ in the update_status section early in the code, I cant remember why I did this previously, but I think I was getting lots of false positive emails, or I was seeing lots of ‘On Hold’ orders in my Orders page that were never completed by customers or abandoned (Failed Credit Card etc) and they hang around for eternity until I deleted them, whereas Pending has an actual time out at a later time and then actually cancels if there is no payment within a few hours.

    I also would like to see the after checkout page link to the ‘My Order’ page of that particular current order, in my case I sell online videos, and I have had to manually delete your My Account code and add in the manual link for the My Orders page so at least customers can very quickly access the download link for a recent order rather than hunting through the My Account page. It reduces the amount of clicks and searching neccessary to view the actual Order Information page for the order they just paid for. IS there a way you guys can have a link after successful checkout which takes you directly to the order page for the order that was just created? Using ORDER_ID or something? I cant work this out myself so I had to just force a link to the My Orders page on my server.

    I would LOVE to share this updated Functions.PHP code with you, so you guys can have a look and update it for others to take advantage of.

    Please email me at [email removed] and I can share it with you, I would have sent this in an email but I couldn’t find any contact info at all, so I posted here.

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  • Plugin Contributor John Croucher


    I have forked the code to git and added new features if you wanted to merge your changes into it

    This may make it easier for the plugin author to backport both of our changes and continue development?

    Plugin Author bkonyn


    I am so sorry that i missed all this and you guys both put it a lot of work and time.
    I definitely want to incorporate your changes so please get in touch if you are still interested.

    Plugin Contributor John Croucher


    I am happy to help if you need.

    Re the post about WC version 3, I didn’t actually realise there was a major release as my system says it is up-to-date on 2.6.14. So none of my changes address that issue.

    Hi guys,

    I still don’t think my changes that I need have been implemented in any of the new versions you guys have been working on.

    Is there a way I can communicate via email with any of you guys so I can share my php files and you can have a look at pulling out my changes and implementing them?

    I am scared to update WooCommerce now as I read here v3 breaks the plugin.

    I am REALLY not a coder so not sure how Github works, I just managed to make my changed by studying the logic of the code as far as I could tell.

    My changes include:

    Fixing Verotel server calls, as the plugin used to send me to Cardbilling and fail. Sounds like this was fixed anyway by John.

    Works with multiple currencies, it does this by checking what the current customer chosen store currency is (I have a currency toggle on my site), not forcing USD, and not using what my default currency is set to in Woocommerce. I do this because EU customers can use Bitcoin or even SOFORT Bank transfers, but the checkout currency must be EUR for that, and then I want my US customers to be able to use that also. Not sure if Johns version queries what the actual current currency is on the transaction, I think I read there is a toggle box in the options in Johns version, if so, this wont do for me, I need it as I have listed above.

    Moves the empty cart process to far later in the sequence and only does it when a transaction is successful. I think I accidentally made this work. Also changes the on hold to processing for transactions that go from the check out cart to the verotel payment page, before I did this, and I had users fail a payment over on verotel for whatever reason, my transactions were not switching to cancelled and I would have a massive build up of ON HOLD transactions.

    I think there was one or two more things I did, you would need to have a quick scroll through the PHP to see them.

    So, how can I share these with you guys?

    Plugin Contributor John Croucher


    Can you put comments in your code outlining the areas that you have changed?
    You can then email the files through to me and I will check it out.

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