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    So here goes.

    Explanation before Code

    The idea of the two functions (the first is called on the options page of the theme options I created to start the whole thing) is simple:

    I have a folder – when you install the theme – called custom-sample. i then alert the user that “hey! you have a folder called – custom-sample, rename it to custom.” with a link that states do it for me which will rename the folder at the given path to custom – called from the second link.

    It doesn’t work (the second function doesn’t work, the first works fine). I also need to just refresh the options page and then display the message “all done.” which I don’t know how to do – the refresh part –


    function folderError()
    	if (file_exists(TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/custom-sample'))
    		echo "<div class='warning'><div class='centertext'>You need to change the folder in BLACKANDWHITE/lib/ from custom-sample to custom. This will allow you to edit the customFunction.php and custom.css in that folder. <br /><br /><a href='renameFolder();'>Do it for me!</a> </div></div>";
    function renameFolder()
    	$oldFolder = TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/core/custom-sample';
    	$newFolder = TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/core/custom';
    	rename($oldFolder, $newFolder);
    	echo "<div class='warning'><div class='centertext'>All done! File renamed!</a> </div></div>";

    Any thing else?

    Ya – how would I also be able to display this error message at the top of the admin section of word press assuming that this error hasn’t been fixed?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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