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    I have to use something like your program on an info screen in the entrance hall in a building. I would like to show the different company names and be able to click on the company name and find the person I need to contact. Can your plugin do that?

    I need to know if your plugin can do the following:
    – Can new members automatically be put on different lists? (for example we have a lot of companies and I would like a list for each company. Whenever a new member is added I would like the program to add them to the company list. We always fill out which company they’re from so the information is in the system). Or would I have to manually put them on different lists?

    – Can I make an overview page on my website with the different lists? And will you be able to click on a specific list and find the different members? Or would they just all be shown at once?

    – When you see the overview of the members: Will I be able to click on their phone number/contact information and send them an sms or something? Or perhaps just show their phone number so you’ll be able to contact them?

    Best regards
    Sara 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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