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    I have been theorizing how much admin approval for my course is going to be required to move students from item to item. Since assignments are going to need to be approved by the admin (and there is no work around for this), I was curious if we could create a course order that needs to be completed. Basically, I want the lesson order functionality to be available for all the courses on my e-learning site:

    Suppose we had:

    Course 1
    Course 2
    Course 3
    Course 4

    I do now want to allow students to automatically enroll since they would be able to start course 3 without completion of course 1. The only other option is to use admin approval; however, this will get tedious since after each lesson assignment I will need to approve work before they can move on, and same with entrance into new courses.

    I know this is a pretty big request, I was not sure if the lesson code could be altered to support this more easily (I HOPE). Thanks for all your hard work!


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  • Just curious if any information about this is available. At the moment the only work around I know of is requiring manual approval for every new section.

    Thanks again for all your work!


    Plugin Author prasunsen


    Why don’t you set up automated lesson approvals for this? You can for example connect them to a quiz, and when the quiz is completed you can have the course approved.

    I guess I could do that, I will use that for now.

    A lot of my lessons were setup that way with tests/quizzes ending the section. Since they had approval based on grade, I was using them as my progression spots. I was using assignments more as a tool to slow down the student and check how they were doing at a particular section (since those have to be approved).

    However for the ones that were not setup similarly, I could create a “fake” quiz that is only being used to progress to the next chapter.

    I could also accept any answer as correct to ensure that they progress as desired.

    Plugin Author prasunsen


    Yes, I think this is the way. Because I don’t see how a homework can be approved automatically. It has to meet some criteria, which essentially makes it a quiz.

    (we will consider to somehow tie up homeworks to quizzes so you can have several quizzes in a lesson)

    Thank you for adding this functionality!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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