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    I have two questions about possibilites with the pro plugin:

    -Is it possible to display the amount of credits a user have on the website via a shortcode?
    -Can I add a “quickbuy button” so customers can buy products with credits directly on the product page without having to go through the checkout process?

    Thanks for any answers

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  • Plugin Author brandonmuth


    Good morning – thanks for reaching out. Yes to your first question, no to the second.

    You can display logged in user credit balance with short code ‘user_credits’. User credit balance is also shown on My Account page by default.

    For second question, we have had a few requests for the one-click purchase that bypasses checkout process, but it is currently not a feature. It is on our dev plan to implement, but there are a couple features in front of it that we’re working on first.

    Thanks for the fast response. I’m glad to hear that the credit balance can be shown everywhere with the shortcode.

    Do you already have a planned release date for the one click purchase?:)

    I tried adding the shortcode ‘user credits’ to my page, but it is not working, it’s just showing ‘user credits’ instead of the actual credit count. I’m still using the free version, might that be the reason?

    Plugin Author brandonmuth


    Yes, that short code is in the Platinum version only.

    Allright, I thought so. Thank you for the fast answer:)

    Hey sorry to jump in on this post, but what is the shortcode for displaying credits balance?

    Hi, no worries, the shortcode brandon told me to use was ‘user_credits’. It is a Platinum Version feature so it won’t work if you have the free version. (I don’t have Platinum yet, so I couldn’t test it myself until now)

    You mentioned that there might be functionality for one click purchase? Is this confirmed??

    I have premium and the user credits shortcode works well, I’ve got the tokens left at the very top of my site

    Plugin Author brandonmuth


    Yes, one-click is almost done. We’re just wrapping up some final tests on it and are hoping to release this week.

    Glad user_credits shortcode is working well, however, not sure what you mean by “tokens left at the very top of my site”…

    Sorry again for hijacking this thread.

    I think he means he has got it in his top left menu. I also implemented the shortcode into my menu for logged in users.

    1 click will be a great addition to the plugin, cant wait for a new update.

    On a side note, I would love to see some more rewards options, this helps to keep the site more active and increase sales.

    Spend X amount $ and get Y Credits
    credits for social sharing
    mailing list subscription credits
    credit based games (Spin to win, blackjack)

    Keep up the great work =)

    Plugin Author brandonmuth


    Not hijacking anything 😉 Thanks for the great feedback – always appreciated and glad plugin is working well for you. We are excited for 1-click as well, and more reward options make sense too. As always, if you want to leave us feedback at that’s always a big bonus for us as well. Thanks and have a great day!

    Plugin Author brandonmuth


    Please check outlining version 3.0.9 which has 2 cool new features: 1-Click Purchasing as well as Rewards Progress Bar. Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions!

    Hey @brandonmuth

    thanks for the update the new features look awesome, already downloaded and testing. I Have a couple of questions / suggestions though;

    – Is there a shortcode for displaying the Rewards Progress Bar? I use a separate page for all the credits info rather than on the my account dashboard

    – Option to change / set the 1 click order button text

    – Add Option to enable/disable 1 click checkout on a product basis. There are some products that may require additional info, shipping method etc

    – Add option to hide / display normal add to cart button (global or per product). Certain products would only be able via quick checkout

    – optional quantity selector for 1 click purchase. I love the quick checkout, but would be nice to give the option to quick check out multiple quantities

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