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    I do need a very simple plugin that would handle subscriptions with opt in/double opt in and out functionality. I will write my Emails from my mail account so no functionality required for composing emails. I need the ability to export a members list of course and I need to know a link that I can include to my emails to give the reader an opt out option.

    Is this plugin what I’m searching for?


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    Thank you for your interest in our plugin.

    In this plugin you can export all subscribe and unsubscribe users list as .CSV file.

    NOTE : Once you got a subscriber user export button will showing on library section.

    You can use manual composer for mail to all Subscribed and Unsubscribed users in one click.

    You can also use mail-chimp and maid Mimi type premium marketing mail services by our plugin.

    Please visit to our plugin page to get more information about this plugin. LINK

    Thank you for your reply.

    When I write a newsletter am I able to add a link for opt out of the list of newsletter recipients?

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    Plugin Manual mail composer message body is support the html tags so you can add link with message body

    But first confirmation mail content will not changes by any option.
    (Confirmation mail auto sent by plugin, when site visitor fill and submit the newsletter form)

    you can change it form subscriber-from-settings.php file.

    Path : –>>> plugin directory /Our plugin —>>>> go to

    Search and find $message and replace message content with your custom message. ( for EX : Line no. 44 : // $message .= ‘<p>Thanks for subscribing!….// )

    thanks again

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    I’m sorry I seem to have confused you or was not clear enough! Let me try again to explain what I need…

    I don’t want to use any third party newsletter tools and I don’t want to use the plugin built in capabilities to write and send newsletters.

    BUT with the external and local tool on my PC, I need to import the Email-Addresses of all subscribers (so export is essential).

    As per law I need to add a link to any newsletter to give subscribers the option to unsubscribe (opt out of receiving any future newsletter). So I need to know if there is a link schema for unsubscribing and how/if I can add such manually to my mail?

    I’m expecting something like … https://mydomain/plugin/unsubscribe.php?=emailaddress


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    Hi Yogie,

    Could please contact through our site. Regarding this matter, it’s a major feature with customization. So, we will help you.

    Great Day!!!


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