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  • This plugin has basic footnotes functionality. You can add footnotes. You can sort of configure the references section. You can sort of re-use references in that the plugin will in a non-standard way combine identical footnotes together, but it gives each use a new number and you have to put the full text of the reference each and every time. So you end up copying and pasting large references multiple times and wasting space and processing time as the plugin has to work to match them. There is no way to tag a reference and re-use it.

    The authors seem to have spent more time trying to capture marketshare by adding features to make it easy to convert from other footnotes plugins, than they have actually adding features to make it worth using.

    Features needed to make it 5 stars:

    1. Ability to manually label a reference
    2. Ability to tag a reference and re-use it
    3. Ability to place the references section wherever you want with a shortcode (like Table of Contents +)
    4. Stop defacing the main menu with the advertising menu link to the author’s company

    The last point there needs special mention. I have nothing against a plugin author putting in an “About Us” section, but this plugin defaces the main dashboard menu with it. If you select it you’re taken to an “I love me” page written with such poor grammar that you are scratching your head by the end of the first sentence trying to figure out what they’re trying to say.

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