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    Within less than a day of my original critique (see below) Peter Rath of WebshopLogic responded very positively to it and put this plugin on a healthy diet. 🙂

    Any criticism I voiced with regard to the previous version of WP Admin Classic Colors has become obsolete as of version 1.0.2.

    Being devoid now of anything worthy of criticism, there is nothing left to say for me except what is positive about it:
    The plugin is very light-weight (7 lines of PHP code plus some CSS) and functional. It works very well and exactly as advertised. My original remarks concerning the choice of pale color schemes still hold – just wait twenty years and you’ll understand (and be sorry). But that’s a personal preference.

    In my eyes WP Admin Classic Colors now deserves a five-star rating – not because of the colors, but for being slim, functional and unobtrusive!

    Original Review
    This plugin offers to restore the “Classic Admin Colors” – which it actually does. It is functional in this regard and to this extent. The color scheme is almost the same, however, as the bright scheme in my WP 4.1.5, except that it does not change the admin tool bar’s dark color, and it takes up more vertical screen real estate.

    The color scheme may be attractive to young people and those with excellent eye-sight who, in twenty years time, more likely than not will come to regret having strained their eyes with cool pale color schemes like this one.

    Besides what it says it was created for, this plugin clutters the dashboard menu with an “options page”, the sole purpose of which seems to be tracking where it is being installed, and running an ad for some commercial plugin.

    After activating the plugin, you have to go to the “options page” to actually activate the plugin you thought you had just activated by, umh, activating it.

    Maybe it’s just me, but this kind of behavior is exactly what I regard as spam.

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  • Plugin Author WebshopLogic


    Thank you for your detailed description of this plugin.

    This plugin was made 1,5 years ago, when WP back-end was redesigned, and the old grey/blue/black color scheme disappeared from WP.

    Personally I do not like bright scheme, because in a complex WP site the menu items does not separated visually. For example if you run a webshop in WP it is important that the overview of the menu be clear.

    So the aim of this plugin to keep the traditional color scheme alive, and ensure a visually separated menu that can be easily overview.

    I do not think this ad is so annoying for anyone, but if it so we can remove this from the plugin. So it is a good idea to remove the plugin activation checkbox, and since this is the only option the whole settings page can be eliminated including this little ad on the sidebar of settings page. Thank you to let us know this idea.
    We will do this in the next version.

    Moreover, the advertisement on the admin page is not a spam, it is a usual promotion type allowed by law. You can find advertisements everywhere on the net, and in free softwares, they are accepted by users, who volunteer users of sites or softwares.
    (Spam is not the same. Spam is unwanted message, usually you did not get in touch with the sender before get message from him, and the user does not contribute voluntarily with the sender!)
    Promotions commonly accepted in case of free services or products (see YouTube, Google, Mobile apps, …).

    If I understand well, your description was positive, except the ad, so I do not exactly understand the reason of the two star rating.
    I think if YouTube, Google and others may apply ads, then this little plugin can also do it.

    Plugin Author WebshopLogic


    Hi Gahapati!

    Based on your idea, we make this plugin better, and released a new version without settings page, and advertisement.

    We hope you appreciate this modification, and change your rating to a higher value.

    Peter Rath

    Thread Starter Gahapati


    Hi, Peter!

    Your reaction to my critique has been quite a surprise, and a very pleasant one! Thank you for taking seriously the views expressed by your users. It’s very much appreciated.

    I must say, you took my critique a lot more seriously, in fact, than I ever expected. My intention was simply to let you and others know how one person experienced the plugin’s previous behavior of adding an options page, seemingly for the sole purpose of displaying an advertisement. The wording I chose in my critique was meant to let readers know this was my personal impression alone, not an allegation of intent on your part, and I’m glad you took this positively.

    I do not, by the way, see this kind of self-promotion as illegitimate. And, what is perhaps more important, I did not have in mind any legal definition of spam, for I don’t know about any such definition in whatever part of the world you may be living in. I understand well the necessity of it, and I wished everyone how profits from a well written piece of software and who is able to would support the developers with a few <insert currency here>.

    About the updated plugin
    I have re-installed and tested WP Admin Classic Colors, and I think the diet it underwent has had a very positive effect. It works exactly as (I think) one would expect, now. It’s activated when it’s activated, and does exactly what it says it does. – I have just changed my original rating and review to reflect this.

    Szívélyes Üdvözlettel

    Plugin Author WebshopLogic


    Hi Gahapati!

    This kind of review help us to make our plugins better, thank you for taking the time to tell us your opinion about it.
    And also thanks for the updated review and rating.


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