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  1. lorenzo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hi everyone,
    i have been looking around to find an easy way to modify the actual links to the register/login without much success (not the look of it not the url-redirect).

    i've got a WP3.0.1 multisite with buddypress installed. i also have a registration system outside wordpress (but the login process is *not* changed, i.e. the external system is basically replicating the data in WP in the background)

    what i have done was changing the links in the core (i.e. in the wp-login.php i manually changed the links). the problem is that whenever i upgrade the changes are lost. i was looking at custom functions in the theme to achieve this but didn't get very far... does anyone have any suggestions?


  2. Thejas Kamath
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Yes, as you have told that you made changes in the file wp-login.php, you are loosing the changes whenever you upgrade.

    The solution is that you can create a copy of the login.php file and paste it in a different folder. Link the login and register to the new file which you have copied and pasted in different folder.

    The changes you have made are lost while you upgrade WordPress because, all the defualt login, register pages are located in the folder called admin. So, whenever you upgrade WP the folder replaces with new files with defualt settings like WordPress defualt login backgrounds, etc.

  3. lorenzo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    yes i figured this, but my question is whether there is any way of overriding the default links in the login page using custom functions?

    as you say i could register a different login page, but the same applies to the login in the sidebar and, in my case, to the admin bar at the top for buddypress.

    all could be changed individually (what i did), BUT they all use the same WP call to wp_login_url();

    if i override where this goes, then all will work fine! (or that's the theory if i knew how...)

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