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  • Is it possible to modify get_calendar() function so it wouldn’t call ALL posts for the day?

    Website have few thousands posts daily and about 50-60K posts monthly, so archive calendar could load page and DB forever.

    All I need is simple check if date have posts or not. Practically every day have posts. In other words need just simple solution for calendar where date work as link to: without loading all posts/titles for every date.

    Calendar have it own page/template.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

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  • Perhaps you can have a look or a calendar widget plugin that lets you adjust the settings for what to display. Sure there will be more than a few of these out there.

    woodsandhillsplc, thanks, I did checked almost all archive/calendar plugins I could find, but all based on same function so every plugin request all post for each date. Some have settings to turn it off but it mean “no show” not “no request from DB”.

    Good function for small blog but not for large. I tried to work around but get no success.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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