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  • I am running the flickrRSS plugin, and in the course of debugging an issue with it I noticed that the MagpieRSS class is now returning the $rss object with all of the HTML stripped from the title and description elements in the $items array. I have looked back through Trac and cannot figure out where or how this change came about. Does anyone have any insight, or know of a flag that can be set to re-enable full HTML output?

    WordPress 2.6 Output:

    [description] => <p><a href="">yearginsm</a> posted a photo:</p>
    <p><a href="" title="Getting Into the Holiday Spirits"><img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="Getting Into the Holiday Spirits" /></a></p>

    WordPress 2.7 Output:

    [description] => pa href= posted a photo:/p
    pa href= title=Getting Into the Holiday Spiritsimg src= width=240 height=180 alt=Getting Into the Holiday Spirits //a/p

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  • I am noticing this happens on the Dashboard too. After talking with the developer of FlickrRSS, he says it is a hosting issue. I have never come across this before 2.7, so is anyone aware of a change in the implementation of MagpieRSS or any of the content filters it uses?

    I have a similar issue using fetch_rss in a different code base other than wordpress. Did you find a solution to this problem. Will highly appreciate if you can post the way you solved it.


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