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  • My question is about whether it is possible to use PHP code in my WP page that invokes a PHP script invoked by a Function call with parameters…

    I have a tested php script that containing a function that is entry to the script, and that is invoked with a function call that includes a series of text-string and numeric parameters, like this:

    myScript_main("string1", "string2", 100, 200, 300);

    The consequences of execution is echoing information generated by parsing a file that is accessed using a URL like this (using the string1 and string2 parameters):

    Before I spend lots of time hunting down the details, is this even possible in WP … upload the script to somewhere, then use the PHP code above within a WP page to invoke it?

    If not possible, guidance as to what is the best way to achieve what I want to do will be much appreciated.

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