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  • very slick though I would need to enable java to see your banner/menu

    nice looking, nice shade of blue, might want to consider some king of framing for the content area, just blends in to the background, the flash menu is nice, but not sure if its supposed to look that way it does on the slide out menu…the blue bare under the text looks out of alignment as there is about 3 pixels below the text but nothing above, looks un balanced, like i said maybe that the way its supposed to look but to me it seems out of place, IMO, and sometimes it looks like the text goes beyond the top of the blue bar.

    Very nice. I normally hate dark backgrounds, but this one looks nice. I do have a problem reading some of the smaller type.

    Looks nice, I like the blue background, although the text colour (white) looks a little harsh over the top of it. Site is quite well designed, I like the look of it overall, so well done!!

    I agree with Chrisber, the smaller type can be alittle harder to read easily.


    Rodney T
    [sig moderated]

    thanks for all the replies! i’ve been tweaking the site the last few weeks, and am getting some updates done. i am, however, sticking to the blue background for right now, but i am making the text larger.

    much appreciated everyone!

    Guess @pemj you’re still working on the site.
    You might consider some h1 tags (sitename) and h2 (navigation fall back) tags before you jump into h3 post tags.

    Also the flash effect can easily be achieved via jQuery or mootools,
    this way some basic SEO rules will be accomplished too.

    Oh how I like it when my computer plays sounds without me actually wanting to hear anything, and I left my speakers on “loud” from the last movie I watched but now it’s late and my kid is sleeping ….

    Big no-no. No music or sound without the explicit permission/action of the user!

    Big no-no. No music or sound without the explicit permission/action of the user!

    I will second that 100%!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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