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    I’ve translated several themes and plugins and decided to be a decent person and test them. I created a subfolder of my personal site and installed a separate WordPress there. The language is set (I even added the line: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘eo’); into wp-config.php during one install; didn’t help) , but several themes and plugins show a mix of Esperanto and English.
    When I installed & activated the plugin qTranslate X, my entire administrative interface turned into English.
    The test folder & frustrated blog post with screenshots:

    *They ARE 100% translated.
    *The .mo and .po files are indeed in the Languages folder. I’ve tried copying some into the Languages folder of the respective plugin/theme; that doesn’t help.

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  • A while ago, I created this “WordPress Plugin Translation Troubleshooting Flowchart”

    I don’t have any experience with qTranslate X, but maybe it helps if you want to try troubleshooting your translation before using that plugin.

    I like your flowchart! I downloaded the SVG. I’m assuming, though, that they are correctly gettexted plugins and themes (I’m not the author). The root folder of my website must be interfering. That has to be the only reason for so many themes and so many plugins only showing some of their translations. Maybe I’ll try to multisite it.

    I still need help. I translate fully at GlotPress, but my separate WordPress installs in subfolders of my domain still show a mix of English & Esperanto. My main site is English. The separate installs of WP in subfolders – with separate databases and separate .htaccess – are in Esperanto. Look at my installs of the plugin Ninja Forms in 2 different Esperanto sub-installs -> This one is a mix of languages: and this one shows all my translation:
    I can’t find a reason.

    It’s the fault of some themes and plugins – apparently, lots of them.

    I found at least one cause for the problem.
    No text domain or the wrong text domain in some places will cause the default text to load.
    For example the theme Parallax by Cyber Chimps uses the text domain Parallax only in some areas. In other places they use cyberchimps_core. Where cyberchimps_core is used, English appears instead of the translation.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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