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  • I’m building a website, and thus far, I really like how it’s turning out. Fullscreen is an excellent theme, and perfect for what I’m making (a digital artist portfolio site). However, I have 1 single issue that is really screwing with my ability to finish the site in a sensible manor (I have a workaround, it’s ridiculous though).

    The theme uses the Option Tree plugin, and the main customization of the front page happens by going to Theme Options. Here, you can select two modes. Either the giant images on top and bottom are pulled from posts, or you can manually make “slides” which contain the images in whatever order you’d like. Since this is a portfolio site, I find it sensible to only have one blog post per project being shown off, but this causes the main page to only show ONE image from that project, the first one. This is why I opted to make a manual slide setup, to showcase what I wanted on the front page, and not simply pull 1 image from each post (not enough posts yet either, tons of art though).

    Here comes the issue. When you select the manual slide mode, it lets you add a slide, pick text, pick an image, and pick a destination link for the image. This link field is being COMPLETELY ignored. It only exists in this mode, so I know I’m not confusing it with another feature, it’s simply not being read. The theme is requiring I use the “file url” option in order to properly display the image, otherwise I get a broken thumbnail link. When everything does work, clicking on the images ignored the link field specifically made for this situation (it’s the next field, only exists when doing manual), and the url goes straight to the image url.

    What I need is to be able to click on these images, and have them lead to the “link URL” field’s link. It’s currently being ignored, and that breaks the functionality of the site’s main page. I’m making this as a Christmas present to someone, so I really need a solution to this, or I’ll be spending a LOT of time manually making tons of posts just to display the art I need, which is messy, and just no good. I’ve been working all night and it’s 6:30AM, so I’m going to sleep now. Hopefully there’s a response or two I can use when I wake up in 8 hours, many many thanks for reading.

    Here’s the website (currently left in links go to the wrong place mode).

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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