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    I’m not exactly sure when this started happening, but I’ve noticed that WordPress is resizing my original (full) images to the large size and not giving me an option for large images.

    No matter what size I set for a maximum for large images, that is what my full sized image is resized to, and the large image option is grayed out.

    If I set the size for large images to 0, then the full image is resized to 1024.

    This happens when I switch my theme to Twenty Eleven, so I don’t think it’s my theme. I don’t believe it’s a plug-in either.

    How can I get my large images back and retain the size of my original images?

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  • sometimes when you uploading an image, it continues name the file with the size, for example if your image name is: myimage.jpg
    just check that it’s not giving a name like that: myimage-300×250.jpg

    that means that it will load your image with width=300 height=250

    It resizes the image to the thumnail and medium size (as well as two other random sizes). The myimage.jpg is there as well, but it does not retain the original size.

    but you can choose original size, did you see that?

    I can choose original size, but it’s not the original size. It is named the same as the original image, but it’s been resized to whatever the large image dimensions are.

    No one has seen this before? 🙁

    I found it. There was additional image resizing parameters in functions.php.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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