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    With the recent 4.5 WordPress update, FullCalendar no longer shows up, I have to turn off “Override calendar on events page” from the Events Manager plugin. In my JavaScript Console, “WPFC is not defined” appears as one of the issues. This happens in both Chrome and FireFox. It was working prior to WordPress 4.5 . Any suggestions?

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


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    Hi Stephen (@sboltonjr),

    I’ve tested the plugin with 4.5 and it’s working fine for me.

    My guess is your theme has likely clashed with the latest update of jQuery that was added to the 4.5 update, unfortunately JS errors are quite common when jQuery is updated within WP because one plugin/theme breaks it for the rest.

    However, you did mention in the EM post that you tried switching themes so maybe it’s a plugin? Could I have a link to the calendar page so I can see the error in action?

    I tried the latest update to EM and FullCalendar still doesn’t work. Though that can easily be the fault of the theme or another plugin, I do plan on updating the theme. Any where I can email the link, I prefer not to link here. Thanks.

    edit – the calendar appears to be working fine on another website that I haven’t used the FullCalendar in a while, which is using a old theme, so my problem is site specific.

    edit 2 – well partially, calendar works but events aren’t showing up. I am investigating to see what I haven’t ticked in the settings for it to work.

    I recently added a page id to “Load JS and CSS files on” and I suppose I was using the wrong ID, took it out, saved changes, and now it works again (with the recent EM 5.6.3). Marking this as resolved. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Thanks for updating. Yup, the load JS and CSS files option will mess things up if you don’t use the right IDs 🙂

    FullCalendar does NOT work correctly and I don’t see how we can blame new jQuery, etc. I have a page with only ‘[fullcalendar]’ on it. It has been…and is presently working fine. And, BTW, I am using 1.2 FullCalendar. BUT, if I create a new page with only ‘[fullcalendar]’ on it, I get a blank page! Also, I am testing this on a site where I have disabled ALL of the plugins EXCEPT FullCalendar. I can’t figure out how FullCalendar can recognize an “old” page from a “new” page !?!

    Here is a hint:

    Working Calendar:
    <form class=”wpfc-calendar fc fc-ltr ui-widget”>….followed by calendar</form>

    Non-working Calendar:

    <form class=”wpfc-calendar”></form>

    Hi @netweblogic @lwoods

    I have recently updated my WP, EM and WP FullCalendar which were all working fine and I also updated jQuery Updater then my FullCalendar wouldn’t load just kept spinning around and I could see it faded in the background.

    I deactivated jQuery Updater and refreshed my FullCalendar page and my recurring events, single events and FullCaldendar are now working fine just in case this information helps anyone else.

    Another post said it was a theme issue which probably prefers using older jQuery.

    Should I just leave jQuery Updated deactivated?

    Thanks Rob

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    @lwoods sorry for the delayed reply. Did you try testing with a default WP theme like twenty seventeen? We do work fine with the latest jQuery, we run on the latest WP version here –

    Also, see my comment to Steven’s reply just above yours, if you have any values on your settings page under ‘Load JS and CSS files on’ then try leaving that blank.

    @getfitbc – I would say yes. We test against the jQuery supplied with WP, although I’ll make a note to test it out with newer jQuery versions at some point so we’re more future proof.

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