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    The iDVD UnOfficial FAQ using WP 1.5 with ‘pages only’ replaced a static site that had been online for the last year. It went live with WP on 3.17.2005 and received 10,000 hits from 1500 users in the first three days.

    No users can logon and no comments are allowed.

    Plug-ins used:
    – Stattraq
    – Page to Front
    – Search Hilight
    – Dates to Remember

    Search has been modified to include all ‘pages’. Target audience is Mac iDVD users, so issues w/Safari compatibility forced a change to user agent where Safari is now treated same as Mac IE, in most , but not all cases.

    Configuration was minimal, and the default (Kubrick) theme has been modified slightly to my liking.

    So far, I’ve found the user of PHP, MySQL & Apache to be a good replacement for the static HTML pages they replaced.

    Ken Tidwell

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  • Feels good reaching this point, doesn’t it?

    Static content for the win, less load on the server 🙂

    What tools can be used to generate WP pages? Did you use any, or were the pages hand coded? (brand new to WP, interested in using it to build a site)

    Thanks for the response. I had read this and found it clear and useful. And I see that different templates may be used, which presumably can give pages different appearances. But, a *Page* is not a static html page, it is on the database. So is there a GUI for creating them, or any such tools? TIA

    DavidPodger: Pages are handled nearly like posts are. To create a Page, go to Write > Pages. To edit them, Manage > Pages.

    To assign a template to a specific Page, a “Page Template” dropdown under Page Options (while editing the Page) should appear when one or more Page templates reside in a theme’s directory.

    >What tools can be used to generate WP pages? Did you use any, or were the pages hand coded? (brand new to WP, interested in using it to build a site)

    I took my existing content and cut/pasted it manually into new pages. Working on a Mac, I use BBEdit, so that I can edit files off the remote server via FTP.

    In some cases, where I need to tweak an existing element, such as a list or a table, I’ll toss it into Mozilla Composer long enough to draft a new version, and then take it back into BBEdit for hand work.

    I’m faster working this stuff by hand, and it allows me to tweak the content to WPs liking – I already know PHP, having worked with it for the last few years, so all I had to learn was a few WP specific tags.

    I have 5 main topics, and 37 sub-topics, that amount to around 200 pages if you turn Acrobat loose on the site.

    Once it’s in the database, I can use SQL for global changes – I prefer to work such edits directly, instead of going thru the WP interface.

    For images…all mine were reused from the static site. I simply used quicktags to markup individual page contents.

    Having a reliable search that included pages added an additional level of editing capability, as I can locate URLs as well as normal content. I use Stattrack to monitor backend activity, and if I see anything broken I can search and fix it fairly quickly.

    I’m at the point now where hits have stablized and I have enough logs so I can watch user trends. I try to spot busier pages and work to make them easier to access, as an example.

    I’ve recently started to cross-link my content to reflect user’s path-logic to make it easier for them to find information specific to their issues. I try to never assume they will move thru the info in the same manner as I would, and I want to cater to different approaches as best I can.

    Much appreciate detailed reply. Since I am starting a web site from scratch, it seems I could begin it as a vanilla WP site and then add WP Pages for the rest of it. I need a strong Q&A section which WP can do, while I do the rest.

    Your being able to study statistically how your site is used, and to respond with changes that help visitors to your site, is excellent. My impressions of the WP community have gone up quite a few notches with your assistance.

    Thanks again Ken,


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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