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    I already tried to achieve this by researching on different forums, but I did not manage to find a solution; I hope someone of you can help me (and perhaps many others with the same question) 🙂

    I would like to generate a Full-Width-Template for the Twenty Thirteen Theme.
    Is there someone who could help me with the different codes (for the full-width-page.php the style.css and/or the functions.php if necessary)

    I was not able to locate the right sections which need to be changed in these files…

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards!

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  • Do you mean by full width page a page that spans the whole screen/browser?

    I meant a page without widget sidebar, which uses the space which was reserved for the widgets as well…



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    Have you set up a child theme? Definitely do not modify a default theme so that your changes are not lost when WP is updated:

    Yes, I’m using a child theme…

    Copy page.php in to your child theme and rename it to full-width.php.

    At the top of the new full-width.php where it reads: * The template for displaying all pages – change that to * Template Name: Full Width.

    In style.css locate the elements

    .entry-meta {
    	margin: 0 auto;
    	max-width: 604px;
    	width: 100%;

    copy them to your child’s style.css and rename thus:

    .entry-meta-full {
    	margin: 0 auto;
    	max-width: 1110px;
    	width: 95%;

    Back to your new full width template change those elements to match and you should have yourself a full width template which you can tweak to your needs.

    Yup, Zulfikar is correct 🙂
    Also, you may want to delete “<?php get_sidebar(); ?>” from your fullwidth.php if you want to not worry about overlapping sidebars over your full width text, it may or may not be a problem for you.

    Rock on!

    Thank you for your help! But I is not properly working 🙁

    At first nothing changed.

    Then I changed:
    entry-header, entry-content, entry-summary and entry-meta
    in the full-width.php.

    Now the content stretches over the whole width, but it is totally messing up the design of the site (header, navigation, footer, font, etc.). And this not only on the full-width page, but on all other sides as well…

    Another thing would be that I would have to figure out the width of the normal content fields + the sidebar, because I don’t want to stretch the content over the whole width…

    I figured it out…
    Sorry, my mistake 🙂

    When uploading the style.css, my ftp-prog messed up the style.css in the the original theme as well… Now it works!

    Last thing I need to find out the width of content-column + the sidebar-column…
    Thank you verry much for helping!

    No problem.

    The content width is currently set at 604px.
    Content + Sidebar the width is 1040px taking the padding in to consideration its around 1140px I believe.

    That’s why I set the max-width to 1110px and the width to 95% and suggested tweaking to your needs – the omitted 5% gives you an equal padding of 2.5% each side to start you off 🙂

    Ok now it is working, Thank you very much!
    But I forgot, that there are the posts (single.php) as well. 🙁

    How do I get them to be full width as well?
    How do I change the single.php, because it does not call the same values, right?

    Thank you very much!

    The single post handling is different and getting them to be full width is doable but a bit complicated – I think its beyond simple explanations of do this then that and there you have it.

    Let me look in to it and see what may come – but this may take sometime due to the complexity of it.

    I had a rough idea of how to do it but this helped primarily with the CSS.

    I would like to tweak Twenty Thirteen so that it spans the whole width of the screen/browser. There are currently 2 blank columns on either side of the content area that I’d like to get rid of.

    @zulfikar Nore:
    Did you already manage to find a solution for the full width post problem?
    I would really appreciate if you or someone else could help me with that!

    Many thanks in advance!



    I have used these directions and created the full-size page template successfully. Thanks so much for this solution.

    I have one issue as a result that I’m not finding a solution to. When I apply the template to a page that I had coded with custom CSS, the page content, which looked fine in the original template (except for being in the narrower space) now displays as coded, but the background white area no longer covers the height of my content – the default beige background is now behind a good portion of the content. Also, the “edit” icon appears where the white background ends, as it would if the white background was the full height of the content.

    Any ideas why this is happening when I switch the page layout to this full-width template? Thank you.

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