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Full Width Page in Selecta Theme

  • According to the documentation this is how you achieve a full width page:

    When you want a page to be full width (i.e with no sidebar) then you need to do the following:

    Go to Pages > Add New
    Add your title and content
    Select the Full Width option which is on the right hand side under Page Attributes → Template.
    Press Publish

    I am not seeing the Full Width option under Page Attributes > Template. I only see Default Template and Archives.

    Is there something I need to do in order to get that option to appear there?

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  • I noticed the same thing and I am also looking for answer to this, however, whenever I ask a question on this forum about the Selecta theme, they tell me I need to direct my questions to Obox, since they’re the actual designers of that theme. If somebody does come back with answer here, I want in! (I already posted at Obox, I’ll share if I get an answer.)



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    As your chosen theme is behind a subscription wall, you’ll need to seek support from the theme developers/vendors.

    My experience has been that they don’t provide any assistance without at $60 subscription fee.



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    We do not support for themes that require subscriptions. It is not our place to keep these theme developers in business or deprive them of any income that they may derive from support services.

    Thank you… as an open forum are users allowed to share their knowledge / experience with themes that require subscriptions?

    I received help last week when I asked about adding a full-width page template by adding script in Selecta’s “page.php” and “style.css” sheets. (I’m not sure how WP’s forum works as far as who can help who… it may just be luck of the draw.) I’d be more than happy to share page template instructions… HOWEVER, the instructions I currently have are for Selecta Ver. 1.00, which is the version offered thru WP’s theme selection when you first sign up for the service. If you downloaded the Selecta theme directly from Obox’s site, then you are using Selecta ver. 1.1.2. I just upgraded last night to 1.1.2 and the code is scripted a little differentely, so I’m going to be working on implementing the code from the earlier version into the newer version this weekend. (I hope this makes sense.) Anyway, if you’re using 1.0.0, I can send you instructions now. If not and you can wait a day or two, I’ll send you instructions for 1.1.2 as soon as I figure it out! Hope this helps… It seems like neither WP or Obox is willing to offer support for this theme. It’s a little unfair on Obox’s part, as they only offer support to people who have purchased a theme. Since Selecta is free and you don’t get a licence code, you have no way of accessing the forums. It’s kind of a shame because it’s a really cool theme.

    Thank you for your willingness to share! Yes, I am using version 1.1.2. I agree it’s unfortunate to not be given access to the forums at Obox for themes they offer for free. I’m even more perplexed why they would publish instructions for a simple function that actually requires editing of the script. I appreciate your help with this and look forward to receiving your instructions.

    @rhicoverasmile I would love to see the instructions you have for 1.00 or if you have the ones for 1.1.2 I would take those too. But hopefully I could figure out a solution from the old solution. It just seems odd to me to put it in the documentation then not have it in the theme.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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