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  1. MtnBikerSoCal
    Posted 7 years ago #

    How do I create a full-width page?

    I don't want a sidebar on a particular page. I found several methods to have the sidebar not show, but the space for the sidebar is not recovered. As shown here for now—won't be any good once fixed.

    I looked at page.php and can see the page format is back somewhere else. At the moment I'm using "A Dream to Host" theme. Before I mess up the whole site, can someone point me to solution?


  2. stvwlf
    Posted 7 years ago #


    1) Make a copy of your page.php file called page_wide.php

    You can read this section about custom page templates
    if you care to

    2) add this to the very top of page_wide.php:

    Template Name: WidePage

    3) In the new page_wide.php, find the line for
    <div id="left-column">
    change it to
    <div id="left-column" class="widepage">

    4) In your style.css stylesheet, find this on line 47

    #left-column {

    Immediately after that section, add this

    #left-column.widepage {
      width: 775px;

    5) Go to the WP editor. Open up any page you want a wide page on. To the right of the edit post box you will see a box for Template. Set the template to WidePage and save. Repeat for any other pages you want wide.

    That should do it.

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