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  • David Burkhart


    There’s not enough information regarding your header centering problem. But, the stretched logo problem, I have a possible fix for.


    Add the following rule to the “Custom CSS” section of the theme (Appearance / Customiz’it!):
    img { width: auto; width: auto\9; }


    I took a quick look through the theme’s style sheets for each skin color (wp-content/themes/customizr/inc/css/*.css) and noticed a hack. The hack appears as a style rule that attempts to set the width for all image elements to a value of “auto\9”.

    The “auto\9” value is a hack to fix a layout issue with IE 6, 7, and 8. This hack fails in the latest Chrome, version 31 (and probably previous versions), and (so far as I’ve been told) IE 10 and 11.


    Chrome 31 and IE 11 both seem to ignore the hack using my work-around. So, it should hopefully continue work with the outdated browser versions, although I haven’t tested it with them nor any other browsers. And, since the work-around goes into the custom settings for the theme, it should survive future upgrades until the theme is fixed and the work-around can be dropped.



    hey thanks for your help, but it doesent helps 🙁
    uploaded logo still appears on the left side, not being showed centered and full-width

    Edde Poon


    Can you please post a link to your site?

    David Burkhart


    Ah. So, you were referring to a full PAGE width logo. That’s different.

    This theme only supports a logo width of up to 250px and is not intended to be centered. This can all be changed with style sheet overrides. But, if you do, you should anticipate opening a can of worms (creating additional problems to deal with).



    @dburkhart, I appreciate your helpful intentions, but the outcome is opposite to your intentions. You are giving false information:

    This theme only supports a logo width of up to 250px and is not intended to be centered.

    , which ultimately drives people away from using the theme. Also, the

    img { width: auto; width: auto\9; }

    is way too general to be of any use. It has the potential to mess up the images behaviour throught the website. You need to use more precise selectors in your CSS, especially if you’re giving advice to others.

    @katanaz: this might help you:

    If it doesn’t, I need a link to your website to deliver a customized solution.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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