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    I’m sorry; I’ve searched everywhere, including the documentation, and this one has bewitched me for a couple of months.

    Settings>Miscellaneous>Full URL path to files currently contains:

    So in my posts, I attempt to include an image thus:


    No good. I click the Media Library tool, type the same thing, get a red “X” beside “images/image.png” and am unable to save the choice. I end up having the close the window.

    Currently, the only way I can find to include images in my posts is to use the entire path, revealing the whole ball of wax to everyone who views the source.

    I can’t remember having had this problem in the past (though it’s true I’ve since had a head injury).

    What the heck am I doing wrong here? My posts are currently imageless. The documentation currently includes nothing but a screenshot of the Miscellaneous Setting page, with no actual text on the page to tell me what I did wrong (although I know full well what a full path is).

    Thanks mucho for a clue!

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  • Under MISCELLANEOUS what is in the “Store Uploads In This Folder” box?
    If it has “wp-content/uploads” it is the default, images will be placed in this folder, or if you have “Organize Into Month Year” box checked they will be in a sub folder with the date you uploaded them, EG wp-content/uploads/2008/09/my_picture.jpg

    BUT the optional Full Url path you have in your settings does not match the path you used /images/image.png

    Either use an absolute image path or use the WordPress default.

    Did this make anything clearer or worse? Please post back.

    Read the sticky above the posts list too:

    Ripose, I have “wp-content/uploads” in the “Store Uploads In This Folder” box, but have completely discounted that box, as I don’t think of my images as “uploads” (which, now that I think about it, is dumb; I most certainly AM uploading the files, but via ftp and not via WordPress).

    > Either use an absolute image path or use the WordPress default.

    So what you’re saying is that I should use the ENTIRE path including the “images” subdirectory, and simply refer to my images as “image.png,” without the subdirectory? Is that right? And then leave the “Store Uploads In This Folder” field blank? (I feel as if I’m getting warm!)

    With regard to reading the sticky, I gather you’re pointing me to item number eight. I hadn’t thought I was using a custom directory for my images, but rather keeping all my WordPress stuff together in one place (ie, all my theme and images together). Huh; didn’t realize that was something that needn’t “fixing,” so I didn’t know to look for something like that. I appreciate your help there!

    The full url would look like this: (my site)
    <a href="">

    Note Above: I have the “Use dates” setting enabled.

    I have not tried relative links yet, since by using absolute paths the image will always be found, no matter how I might reorganize my site.

    You can put your images anywhere you like using “Store Uploads In This Folder”, leave the optional url out of this, unless you have stuff on a different website you are using as a source.

    I see what you mean now, but it’d sure get tiresome having to type an entire URL every time I want to add an image. (And no; I don’t move my sites like ping pong balls; they’ve stayed in one place for nearly four years).

    Grrr; I’m getting tired already just thinking about it! But thanks for cluing me in!

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I have “wp-content/uploads” in the “Store Uploads In This Folder” box

    Then you are using the default setting and don’t need to put anything into the “Settings>Miscellaneous>Full URL path to files” at all. Leave it blank. WordPress will figure it out on its own.

    it’d sure get tiresome having to type an entire URL every time I want to add an image

    You should always use absolute paths for everything, period. Using relative paths is inexact and makes things more difficult. For one, what is the path relative to, exactly? It’s relative to the current URL. But the current URL is not relative to anything at all if you’re using “pretty” permalinks, is it? So what does “images/image.png” refer to? On your single post pages your URL path is different from your main page which is different from your archives…

    Use absolute URLs. Always. And use the Media Uploader instead of FTPing the images there. Then it’ll do all that crap for you.

    Okay, Otto; you’ve finally gotten through to me, and I can see things clearly now. Thanks for bearing with me.

    The Media Library sure is cumbersome, tiresome, and painful, though; sometimes it takes two or three tries before an image “sticks” the way I want it to (ie, right-aligned, full-sized, without a link to the image), and unless I give it a caption, I get no alt text (so I have to remember to type it in by hand once the Media Library has inserted my image), so it was quicker do it on my own the old way. Still, if this is the “correct” way, I suppose I’d better get used to it.

    Teaching old dogs new tricks sucks. Nevertheless, I appreciate very much your making the effort!

    I don’t agree with Otto. Using absolute URLs is not the best answer.

    A lot of people have learned to use a hammer, so when they want to cut down a tree, I guess they naturally reach for a hammer.

    I also think the media upload is a very poor piece of code. It seems like this insidious kind of media upload has also infected many other stack, including the hideous media upload in Joomla. So, WordPress is not unique on this point.

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