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    Not sure if this has been reported before. I have been having issues with getting css and settings in the plugin menu for bbPress style pack to take effect. It’s hit or miss, some work, some don’t. Including css for buttons.

    The only way to make all changes take effect is to save new settings and css. Then create new css location and save css file to that new location. Then all settings and css changes take effect.

    I’m using php 7.1.7 with bbpress 2.6-rc3 and the lastest bbpress style pack. I don’t recall if I was having this issue with php 5.x and stable current release of bbpress. I clear caches.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by enacta2.
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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    thanks for reporting this.

    can you set

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>css location and set it to


    The if settings are not holding, please come back.

    Thanks. Sure, I’ll test that tonight and post if it’s still acting this way.

    To add more: every time I want to make a change I have to save the new change in your plugin, then change the css location and save the new location (creating a new file in that location). Right now I have 20 new empty directories in the bbpress style pack > css directory. They are in case I want to make changes to the bbpress style pack plugin.

    @robin-w it’s not working correctly using /uploads/

    To make all setting changes to take effect, every time I still need to save css to a custom location after each saved change (as a set of changes, or just a single settings change).

    Plugin Author Robin W


    can you

    a) give an example of what you mean by a custom location
    b) tell me if you are able to see permission levels on your website folders eg 644 755 etc. using control panel or ftp and looking at the directories

    a) The custom location is for the bspstyle.css file location, and is just a new empty directory (within your plugin’s root) that I list under the tab “CSS location” in your plugin.

    So, if want to change forum headings font I have to change the font in the Forum Index Styling tab in your plugin, then click save. But, at this point the change doesn’t take effect. To get the change to take effect I have to go to the “CSS location” tab, type in a new location for an empty directory I already created, then click save. Then, at that point the forum heading font changes.

    Then, if I wanted to change the font once again, I would have to change the font and click save. Then, I have to go to the “CSS location” tab, type in a new location for an empty directory I already created, then click save. Then, at that point the forum heading font changes.

    Every time I want to change something I have to save a new css location.

    b) Yes. Permission for the css directory in your plugin is 755

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    Plugin Author Robin W


    755 should be ok.

    when you say

    @robin-w itโ€™s not working correctly using


    did you mean

    @robin-w itโ€™s not working correctly using


    no slash at the start and include wp-content !!

    Yes, I assumed that was assumed…

    I used wp-content/uploads/; it’s just easier to type /uploads/

    Plugin Author Robin W


    you’d be amazed at how many don’t follow the instructions ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    ok I am struggling to understand why it is not working for you, the plugin has over 4,000 installations so I would have heard if this was an issue generally.

    Is this on a local or on an internet server?

    ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet! Thankfully for me this issue is not more than a hassle – I can still use your amazing plugin.

    This is on a SiteGround server. A localhost test copy of my site doesn’t suffer this issue. I use WP Rocket caching plugin, CloudFlare, and MaxCDN. The first thing I thought was maybe an issue with using the rc-3 version of bbPress.

    And the most odd part is, at least the last time I tested, some setting changes do take effect right away, but most do not. If you want me to, I can go through a few tabs and see which ones do take effect rigth away (when I don’t have to save a new css location).

    While it’s probably not connected to this issue, I’m experiencing a bug in WP Rocket affecting BuddyPress (re: profile image cropping due to CDN rewrites).

    Plugin Author Robin W


    Some settings are basically setting in the database and some css. So any database settings would not be affected, which I suspect is why you have some working all the time.

    Ahhh – WP Rocket… I should have asked you earlier if you were using caching software.

    I’d strongly suspect that when you simply update my plugin, then rocket doesn’t update the cached software as it doesn’t see it as a change. When you create a new file, then it is likely that it would see this and change the cache.

    You should have settings in the rocket software to purge or reset the caches which you would need to do each time you make changes. If not obvious, then please refer to Rocket to see if they can tell you what to do.

    I’d be pretty sure that this is the issue

    I wish it was the issue. But I don’t think so.

    After each time I save the new settings (e.g. forum header font size), I clear my site caches (using WP Rocket and the SiteGround caching plugin), clear the CloudFlare cache, clear the OpCache, and clear my brower’s cache. But the new settings still don’t take effect.

    It’s only after saving new css location that they take effect.

    But just to make sure, I will re-test while making sure to clear all those caches, and let you know if it does fix the issue.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    and are you clearing your browser caches as well ?

    OK, success. It seems like the updating of WP Rocket didn’t go well, because when I re-installed WP Rocket your plugin is now acting as expected. I didn’t see error messages from WP Rocket which is kind of odd.

    Anyway, things are working. Thanks for your time!

    Plugin Author Robin W


    ok, great – glad we got there, always hate it when something is not working !!

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