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  • Hi !

    Im using Secure HTML5 Video Player ver. 3.14 I have problem to run my videos linked to Youtube in full screen on some web browsers.
    I have disable caching on the page I have the video on. The code I use on the page for the video is:
    [video youtube='VB5qAtDYNc4' width='320' height='280' preload='no' autoplay='no' loop='no']

    I have tested on a Windows 7 computer with IE11 and Chrom ver. 48.0.2564.103.
    IE11 in this computer is working grate to shift the video to full screen.
    Chrome is not working it says that I need to change settings to alow fullscreen for the site. Or open the link to youtube to look at the video in full screen.

    I have also tested this on a Windows 10 computer with both the new Edge browser end the shiped IE11. The I got the same response as on the Chrome browser.

    When I look in Chrome at your site the intro video in full screen it works OK without to be windowed to the webbrowser.

    But not the videos at my site:…ar-family-finder/
    My sampel code is the first video on this page.

    I have also put a video on my site under:
    That is hosted on my site It works in IE11 and Chrome but in fullscreen inside the brower not on the computer full screen.
    I also got the same result on the both browsers in the Windows 10 computer.

    What is the differns and how should I solve my problem.

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  • Add
    The intro video at you site I got in Chrome a popup asking for premisson to play the video in full screen. That question added the entry in Chrome to alow full screen in the browser. I do not get the same question at my site if this can be somthing I need to include in some way.

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