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  • I’ve been leery of Distraction Free writing since I first heard about it at Raleigh WordCamp 2011.

    But I just realized that it is possible to get the full screen edit with a reasonable complement of editing buttons at the top. Simply click Alt-Shift-G (and do it again to go back). [That’s actually been in the help for more than a year.]

    Now there is a bug somewhere. If you hover over the “full screen” button (between the spell check and the kitchen sink buttons at the right of the top line of buttons), the tool-tip says “Toggle full screen mode (Alt-Shift-G)”. But if you click Alt-Shift-G, you get the edit window with formatting buttons. If you click the button itself, you get the Distraction Free/zen mode editing screen.

    I think this could all be solved by
    o adding another button that would do what “Alt-Shift-G” does,
    o correcting the tool-tip on the current full screen mode,
    o implementing that keyboard shortcut for full screen mode

    Or am I missing something? But please do not remove the ALT-Shift-G functionality!

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  • I just realized

    Now there is a bug somewhere


    Shouldn’t this be posted in the requests and feedback folder?

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    @seacoast – ??? When I tripped over a feature that I didn’t know existed, I found an inconsistency in the UI. I called it a bug.

    @j.musick – probably. Is there a way to transfer it, or should I start over? [I’ve been doing other things for a long time and hadn’t focused on the “requests and feedback” folder. I’d been using extend/ideas for that.]

    sure. I added a modlook tag. They can move this post for you.

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    We don’t delete these posts 🙂 don’t worry about it. You can repost this in trac, though I shot off a message to someone to ask if this is a hidden feature or a bug. We can (and do) move them, though.

    @ipstenu: Andrew Ozz (@azaozz) is the one to ask.

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    (@converting2wp) : ALT-Shift-G brings up TinyMCE editor full screen, not DFW (Distraction Free Writing full screen). Opened 4 wks ago. Discussion centers on how to define the keyboard shortcuts, NOT on whether both full screen editors are/should be available. Status closed. : Add editing toolbars to DFW. Status – new, enhancement, no target release. Opened 7 wks ago. : Recommend adding a setting to allow user to choose between TinyMCE full screen and DFW. Opened 5 months ago. Status new, enhancement. In the ticket @azaozz includes code to add the “old” full screen editor button to the toolbar — and that works (tested in clean install of 4.3.1). It shows up at the end of the first line, to the right of the kitchen sink button. It looks exactly like the button to the left of the full screen editor and (at 3.4.1) it shows the same keyboard shortcut, Alt-Shift-G, which brings up the TinyMCE editor, not DFW.

    The “micro-plugin” in #20237 still works in the current trunk version, 3.5-alpha-21466 — but the tooltip on the “first” full screen button is now ALT-Shift-W (the correction from #21197), and Alt-Shift-G no longer works — you need to press the added button to get to the TinyMCE full screen editor. And, of course, the icon for the added button is distinguished from the DFW button only by its location.

    For all of us who are

    1. primarily editors, not authors (and so really can’t hide the other parts of the post screen because we may need all those options in our workflow) and
    2. may be working on systems with relatively small screens,

    I’d really appreciate having a button for that second full-screen button on the toolbar (at least as an option – but I realize making it optional would be more than 4 lines of code and one more icon).

    I’ll add a comment on #20237.

    Alt shift G does nothing for me, version 3.5

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    Does the “micro plugin” referenced in work in 3.5/3.5.1?

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