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  • Hi,

    Would anyone have an idea as to why a full post will not display? I published a post that was quite lengthy, along with about 85 photos which were optimized to a very low resolution. They are all jpeg files. I also have 4 videos, all from YouTube, nothing from an oddball site. There is no flash other than the videos, it’s all regular content, as I’m HTML challenged and do not use any unusual codes.

    Only a little over half of the post displays in the post itself and the front page. I’ve never run into this before.

    I do not have the ‘more’ feature selected to show only a portion of the post.

    My webmaster upgraded the blog to 2.5 a couple of weeks ago, which is the platform I’m currently on. I cannot upgrade to 2.5.1 until he’s had time to figure out what needs to be done to the Mambo theme I’m using (which could be weeks or more from now), as we made a lot of changes to it when we set it up.

    Can this possibly be fixed by having the page break into more than 1 page? If so, I’ve never attempted using more than 1 page, if anyone can tell me how to go about it.


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  • Can you give us the link, please. I’m not sure if I’ve the answer but I believe someone else may help if they can visit your site.

    Thanks, here’s the link:

    I tried deleting the last image that showed in the published version, and another 3.5 paragraphs appeared. So it appears that there’s a maximum amount of content that will appear in a post, but I have no idea how one could adjust settings for that.

    I’ve searched on the net as well to find the answer on how to break a post into more than 1 page in hopes that all of the content would show, but haven’t found anything.

    I’d be very grateful to anyone who can answer this,


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