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  • Way back with EventCalendar3.0, I was able to use this thread to build a full-page event calendar.

    I just upgraded to EC3.1, a significant rewrite, and the code has changed so much! I still have the full-page calendar, but now I can’t get the post/event titles to show up on the page. If you hover over the date of an event the name of the event shows, but I’d like it to appear in the box for that day and be linkable to the post about that event.

    I’m no good with PHP except when following directions, so hopefully someone can take a look at this and tell me what’s changed. I’ve also posted to the plugin’s site but haven’t heard a response yet.

    See the calendar here.

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  • Not sure if anyone is still watching this thread, but I think I have something that will help. I also recently upgraded Event Calendar to 3.1 and was using the full page hack from the thread mentioned. The following instructions will make events on a day in the calendar separated by <hr> tags as in the original hack.

    1. Open the file day.php inside the eventcalendar3 folder. At the end, insert the following code between lines 50 and 51:
      function get_titles_hr()
          return implode('<hr />',$this->titles);


    2. Then, open template-functions.php, also in the eventcalendar3 folder. Change line 237 from this:
      echo ">$date->day_num</a>";
      to this:
      echo ">$date->day_num<hr />".$calendar_days[$day_id]->get_titles_hr()."</a>";

    Hope this helps someone!

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