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  • UPDATE: forget about my rambling rant below, this plugin is now GOLDEN! As the dev has responded and updated his plugin, so did I update my review.. 5 stars and all!

    I want to like this plugin but… it just feels kind of hacky.

    I’ve always used the other plugin (TinyMCE Advanced) and was happy with it, then I’ve decided to try this one. My first impression after activating the plugin was “OMG!” I mean like OMG both in a good way and a bad way. I was blown away by the plethora of features this plugin offers, but at the same time the plugin UI looked like it doesn’t belong to the WordPress back-end. And this was my problem.

    That’s why I felt like this plugin hacked my site (not hacked as in attacked/stole etc.) but I just couldn’t help not to notice the UI mess this plugin was making. In the settings page, there is a childish font for titles, some not-so-good-looking icons, the fact that the page is just a huge pile of options on the same place instead of organizing/splitting them into tabs (or other UI controls) for easier access, a totally unnecessary “Ultimate Tinymce” button in my admin bar, some icons in the editor are just ugly, there are redundant image banners when inserting some content in the editor (e.g. Shortcodes, HTML5 tags), and what in the world is that “scroll to top” green arrow?! it might be “cool” but it just doesn’t fit in the back-end UI, plus it overlays the last items in my admin menu, rendering them unclickable until I scroll to the very top of the page to make it disappear…

    All in all, the features it provides are truly powerful, and the dev is providing outstanding support in the forum, but sadly (at least for me) the overall user experience just isn’t that good. Maybe because I’m a designer and focus on “pretty things”, but if the plugin could just adhere to the standard WordPress design guidelines it would be much better. I think the dev tried so hard to make it different, way more than necessary.. which might not always be a good thing (I mean, it’s even trying to look “different” in the plugins list page with shadows, colors etc!)

    I had to go back to TinyMCE Advanced. Would love to give this one another look if it’s ever going to have a redesigned UI.

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  • Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer

    Hello Hassan,

    I certainly appreciate your constructive criticism, and while it’s easy to please some of the people all the time… it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time.

    I have to agree with you that it is ‘different’ than standard wp admin pages, and in the beginning, I felt this is what gave the plug-in some of its charm. What I can do is code an option which would allow the user to completely remove all ‘jazz’ from the plug-in. There are already options which will remove the CSS styling on the plug-in’s listing page… as well as an option to remove the link from the admin bar.

    Regarding the icons and fonts: These are the things I can code an option to restore to default.

    Is this close to what you are suggesting? Or would you have redesigned it in a different way?

    Thank you very much for your genuine feedback!

    Josh, I appreciate you replying to my review.

    If you could do an option to take away all the “jazz” as you’ve described, then that should be good.. but I think it’s better to keep the UI aligned with the WordPress standards by default anyway, not with an option.

    I still think some stuff are unnecessary (e.g. the settings page font, the big green scroll to top arrow because it appears on top of my long admin menu, the image banners in some insert dialogs) and the options layout in the settings page could do with more organizing.

    I also suggest to make the editor icons gray-scale by default (just like the default editor) and then they become colored upon hovering with the mouse pointer, because now if you have many icons they can be a bit distracting while you’re editing.

    Finally, I’m totally in love with some features (like the QR Code one) that I’ve decided to pump my review to 4 stars 😀

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer

    Thank you very much.

    I will certainly take your suggestions to heart. However, at the very least, I will add that option… as described.

    Thank you again for taking the time to mention your thoughts regarding the plugin, it is people like you who have made it what it is today.

    I agree… It’s time for an aesthetic makeover!

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer


    I have now coded the plugin with an option which will remove ALL of the author styles used on the plugin admin page, and the plugins listing page.

    This will result in the plugin displaying with the ‘vanilla’ styles of WordPress.

    The option will be available in version 4.0.5, and can be found in the ‘Admin Options’ section of the admin panel.

    Thank you very much for voicing your opinion! I’m sure if you feel this way.. then there are certainly others.

    Hopefully, this will be a way to keep everyone happy 🙂

    Instead of calling the new option “disable all the mess”, he called it “disable all beautifications”.

    lol jk jk 😛
    Love this plugin now!

    Plugin Author Josh


    Moderator and Editor Customizer


    Thank you very much for adjusting your rating!

    I don’t think I missed anything… but if you discover something else, please do let me know.

    Again… Thank you!!

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