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  • Your “other notes” tab on this page lists some shortcodes, but it doesn’t list one to display all the books, nor any arguments to control the formatting of the output.
    I was able to figure out a way to get it to display all the books, but I don’t see any way to control what information is included in the book list.
    Could you please address this in your documentation? Thanks.

    Also, I’m finding that the default arrangement of the books is poor. See here: all books page. There’s a single narrow column of book images with two buttons underneath and no text. A book cover isn’t enough to sell a book or to generate click-through. Also from an SEO perspective, there are no words on the page to suggest what the book is about, so this page will have poor search relevance. Can’t you give us a “blurb” or something that would appear only in the book list?

    The formatting of book pages is also poor, as you can see at this page. The text is displayed on the graphic background, and is therefore unreadable. It appears you made the structure of this post type very different from a typical post, resulting in unpredictable results on themes that don’t meet your assumptions.

    I understand you might think it’s tricky to accommodate all possible themes, but I’ve used many plugins that create their own page types, and I haven’t had this problem.

    Please don’t delay to look at the above links, because I don’t want to leave this non-useful plugin active indefinitely.

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  • Plugin Author Ben Casey


    Hi Tyler

    Sorry you are having issues with our plugin.

    The output of the plugin is completely customisable using templating

    I would be happy to have a look an help you out with this if you would allow me access.

    Please contact me via my website ( if you would like me to help.


    I understand what you are saying, and that would be fine if it were just me, but my customers will not maintain PHP code, they need it to work reasonably out of the box, and I don’t know why it can’t.

    Plugin Author Ben Casey


    I understand your frustrations.

    Can you list what you would like the plugin to do?



    • By default, book page should have reasonable formatting and the same padding/margins around the title and content area, as the rest of the site.
    • Need shortcode to display all books, with sorting options including by date of publication, ascending or descending, or grouped by series, with all books that aren’t in a series listed together at the end.
    • Need shortcode to display all that are not in a series, in case they didn’t want those at the end, but instead want to choose which series to list in which order.
    • By default, the book table/list should include a blurb. It looks like you would have to add a field for this.
    • Put the books in divs displayed as inline-block with a minimum width, so that the books don’t appear in a single column, which looks totally dumb, but take advantage of the available width of the content area to show a grid. Obviously the minimum width will be larger if the blurb is displayed.
    • The default ‘alt’ text for the book cover, if the user hasn’t entered alt text, should be ‘Book cover: ‘ followed by the title.


    • Don’t use h1 for headings within the content of a page. h1 is used for page titles. Your headings shouldn’t be as large as the page title.


    • How about links for Scribd, Goodreads, Lulu, and BookBaby?
    • This one is so stupid I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. There’s no way to control what order the books of a series are listed in on the Series page. Series are meant to be read in a given order. They should be listed in that order. There’s a field on the book page where one can type an ordering number. This field is ignored. I’m not sure whether the order is random or based on something non-obvious.
    • The blurb you display in your widget is the entire book description. That’s too long for a sidebar. As I said before, you need a separate blurb field.

    I’ll quit now. I could probably come up with more but I’ve seen enough for my purposes, so I don’t need to do more competitive analysis work for you for free.

    Plugin Author Ben Casey


    Thank you for your comments Tyler, Do you want me to let you know when the next release is available?


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