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    Event Search Attributes

    Very nice, thank you. So as I see, it is possible to create individual event lists that can be triple filtered, e.g. showing only events of category 1, tag 2, location 3.

    This is awesome, because unfortunately I need such a triple taxonomy filtering.

    I was diving into the competition and reached their limit now with the inability to filter the location.

    But on the other side I was very happy with the outcome, because it got so close to my dream:

    So my quest will continue in reproducing my favorite output as good as I can. I guess constructing the date, thumbnail, title, time, location etc. can be done with the Formatting settings and CSS.

    But I see two functionalities that I would strongly miss:

    1: The option for the user to filter himself the categories, tags (and locations which crossed the limit of competition 🙂

    You have a search, but it is more difficult to use than this easy filtering system with given entries. Is something like this possible to recreate also with EM? Or do you plan to include into the advanced search also tags and locations as dropdown, as the categories are already there? Then it might be able to rearrange the search with CSS to the desired result.

    2: The tabbed excerpts.

    I love it. It doesn’t need to be tabbed, it can also open in a modal pop-up, but it should be possible to see all the information without leaving the page. Any ideas in this direction?

    I hope with the help of some programmers who have a lot more knowledge than I have I can make my big calendar dream come true.

    Thanks for further hints and directions.

    I don’t know if you are aware… there is a companion Calendar plugin for Events Manager..

    the demo site..

    So that might answer your Categories and Tags filter questions.

    In Events Manager.. there is a default Events Page.. the same for Locations, Categories etc..

    In the settings of EM.. you can over ride the default Events Page and have your calendar there…
    Or you can create an individual page or post and just shortcode a calendar.

    Settings -> General
    Full Calendar Options….
    Override calendar on events page?

    Thank you once more. I have found this plugin before, and even if has the filters, the calendar output is not what I want. Don’t know if it could be combined. Can those filters work with a regular eventlist, I mean to not show that JS calendar, but a regular eventlist as I design it in the Formatting field? To achieve a result as you find in my link? I don’t think so, but if you know a way I will be happy to hear.

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    NetWebLogic Support

    Can you explain a bit more about what you mean by “tabbed excerpts”? Thanks.

    Hello Caimin, thanks for getting in touch.
    I add the link again, where the other plugin is having this nice feature to show the description of the event in an opening tab, as it is often used for FAQs. I guess it is the wrong term, maybe “Toogle” is better. But you will see it here live:

    Also integrating a modul popup would be an option, for me it is just important that the guest doesn’t have to leave the site for seeing a bigger description of the event.

    Can the formatting area of EM, there where I build the output (with #EVENT_NAME and these variables) contain also shortcodes of other plugins? In this case, I guess it would be easily constructed with the help of such additional plugins.

    contain also shortcodes of other plugins?

    I am a bit of a newbie… but “nesting” shortcodes can be a problem.

    With that said… I have successfully done “nested” shortcodes with this plugin.

    The Toggle thingy you have a fancy to.. is sort of an accordion effect.

    And that I have also done… and I’ve got a post here…

    In the post I just mentioned.. I also use a plugin called Collapse-O-Matic…
    The author is a great guy and like the folks here.. very helpful.

    But that isn’t necessary.. just another option for different ways to make an expanding list.

    If we are talking about a Calendar page… not a list of events..
    The WP-Fullcalendar I mentioned in another post.. has a “tooltip” pop up when you hover over the item in the calendar.

    There is also another plugin I use… that I incorporate all of the above…
    Called W4 Post Lists… where you can insert the Javascript code I use for the accordion effect, and also CSS…

    That is… a list of events.. when clicked expands to show more detail…

    The sticky bit to all this is the learning process… but the happy bit is that as you are mastering these different methods and plugins you have a wealth of knowledge you can expand upon and use various ways.

    As far as a hover over tool tip pop up on a list item.. the modal you have mentioned.. I haven’t explored that option.

    Using all the options I have mentioned… I have incorporated many ways on my site(s). But there is that learning process.

    As from what I think you have gleamed.. and I also have learned.. the more particular you make things.. no one plugin is going to be the golden goose.

    Or just keep things as simple as possible.
    Good luck !

    Rummaging through the cobwebs of my brain…
    I put together this…
    Events Manager
    and you need Outbridges Nested Shortcodes to make it work together.

    It produces a list… and when clicked.. “Toggles” ie: opens up…
    The Toggled… opened up… or accordion effect..

    This is the screen shot….

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