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  • Hi folks,
    Currently am working on a blog where am using Sandbox as my themes framework platform. I am using a 2-column, left sidebar option, I have tried several things but am unable to get a full height sidebar .. have to differ it with a background color.
    Is there anyway to achieve this? any help to resolve this issue will highly be appreciated.

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  • Hi Friends, I really need your help to get this sorted out quickly, this happens be the only issue with my site.

    Just for the record … I too thought I would bring the sidebar all the way up. No problem reducing the width of the header to the same as the content (fixed, fluid or flexi), but even with the header out of the way (both in code & on-screen), the sidebar steadfastly refuses to go any higher than the content container.

    I don’t ‘feel the need’ for a full-width header, and would rather bring the sidebar all the way up … use that prize ‘corner real estate’ for a special widget.

    Is there a clue? Or inviolable barrier? Thx! 🙂

    Well above the content are block level containers going the full width. A bit of CSS positioning editing is need to change it.

    I am happy to do the CSS. I’m doing an extensive Child of “A Daring Inspiration Theme”, which I picked because it is far from “daring” 😉 I am augmenting it with bits of “2010” … so I keep files of both open in Notepad++, side-by-side. In the past, I preferred “Sandbox”, but worried it might not be updated.

    I am really a construction laborer, but I use W3(C) and others, have long dabbled at CSS, shifted to semantic layouts … I just don’t spend enough time in code to know where things are. If this position CSS you mention is ok to change, telling me where to find it should be my ‘break’.

    I did see “faux columns”, searching Google with ‘full height sidebar’ etc. I’ve considered this approach … but if CSS positioning editing can be done, that’s what I’d like. Thx!

    @thulefoth: I did try to use that faux columns approach to my advantage but could not make it to work for me .. may be too dumb for that, anyway good luck to you.

    @tanver; I have Sandbox installed, and have Child themes set up for several other themes. I will be puttering outside some today, and playing computers inside some, and will take a good look at how Sandbox controls space.

    I have worked with Sandbox before, but either before Child themes, or before I knew of them. I will post later today what I find. I certainly think this should be possible, with ‘pure, real’ CSS layout or the faux approach, but I had backed off it on my main project, when it seemed to act like it was controlled in the WordPress core code (which is also changeable, but maybe not ‘sustainably’).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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