• Totally new to WP. Very happy with how easy it was to get a site up and running for a rookie like me! But I screwed up. I had a site running and then went and copied the entire contents of the running site to a new location (a new file location on the same server). No links worked after that. So I deleted the file and tried to return to the original wordpress install. No luck either.

    I have edited the wp-options file using phpmyadmin to point to the correct site (after remedying the “infinite loop” problem of having the site and home point to the same location). But I have lost access to the wp-admin on the site and previous image files for example don’t show up. Somebody with Jedi power please rescue me from myself.

    Many thanks.

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  • You may need to change some things in your wp-config.php file. Also, have you checked the Codex for this issue?



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    thanks for the replies. I have read them and have had no luck getting wp-admin to return using the info. I can see the website and the pages are there but no images or links.

    I can’t figure out if the site url should be xxx.org/wordpress or just xxx.org. If I set them both to the same value I get an infinite loop warning when I enter the address in a browser. The web server has the file ‘wordpress’ where the site’s files are.

    I am running this site on a synology using virtual host.


    There is also a config file in the admin folder. Find it and make sure that it has the same credentials as the wp-config.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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