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  • I was just told by Google support group member that there is no way to add my FTS plugin info. into my Blogger Blog no way since it is a Word press file but my FTS programs keep telling much different that I can do this I get error bX-s59u9u and there are no other error codes like this one either. Whenever I try to add my WD plugin folder to my Blogger admin. plugin area permissions tool tab I have clicked allowed but this is when the error pops up on me too. Which makes me think the Google support member is correct here not allowed. Do I need to add something else first to make my Blogger Blog more compatible with WordPress in order to do this I know I do know have a wordpress Blog but would love to have one since I plan to be adding allot more info. via FTS that are WD related too. I really want for this Blog to help in boosting my online AVON store website sales. It has helped a bit so far but I have along way yet to go. Please, help a.s.a.p. and do give step by step instructions of what it is I need to be doing since I am not very computer literate yet still very new to everything but very willing and eager to learn and would always be thankful for your advise and help here. Thank you, Ms. Amy Bradley my Blog URL

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  • http://painturdreams.weebly.amyb-avon-html
    A link to my AVON website with sales ads and other onnline store info. there and I am trying to make my blog a directory for what sales are happening right now for everyone too. Plus how to shop the different departments and Outlet Brochure there as well. If my FTS can help with all of this like they say they can through wordpress I really am going to work hard to make that happen too.

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