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  • I’ve moved a blog to a new host, changed wp-config and mysql, can login via filezilla using ftp and access cpanel but when I go to update wordpress or update plugins the user/pass dosen’t work, I tried the old host ftp info and it works so somehow I’ve missed updating a setting, I’ve searched in phpmyadmin and theres no reference to the old site login info so I’m stumped.
    Any help appreciated.

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  • The only user/pass needed for WordPress is the login information. Once logged-in, updating WordPress or plugins should be available without any further log-in requirements. Make sure that your wp-config.php file is correctly setup to connect to the proper database with the proper database username and password.

    If it is WordPress itself that you are not being able to log into, then you can simply send yourself the forgotten password or change the password through PHPMyAdmin. See:

    I usually use hostgator and you are correct but I’ve moved a site from hostgator to jawshost.
    I can log in via wordpress as it’s the same login, it’s a new cpanel and therefore a new ftp,
    I can ftp using filezilla into the moved blog using the new cpanel details,
    I can log into cpanel using the new user/pass I setup
    The site is showing online and working with the wp-config updated with new mysql database.
    When I go to update wordpress or plugins it asks for ftp info which is normal for some hosts.
    The problem is it won;t accept the current user/pass, it will only accept the previous user/pass for FTP that I used on hostgator.

    Did you point your NameServers to the NameServers of the new host? Verify with your host that your site is properly pointed and resolving.

    If the DNS has just been recently changed, it could take up to 48 hours to update.

    DNS took about 6 hours to update after changing NameServers.

    I couldn’t log in or upload new files until that happened, this was around 4 days ago.

    What is your site?

    I haven’t yet dealt with any setup where upgrading a plugin has required me to enter my FTP details. If it is requiring such a thing, it shouldn’t matter what WordPress has set, it should only matter what your host has set. If your host is allowing you to connect to FTP with your old host’s settings, then something on the hosting end is broken, although it sounds to me that the site is still resolving at the old location if that is the case.

    It may also be a plugin problem. Try deactivating all plugins by renaming your plugins folder in wp-content/ and then see what happens.



    having the same trouble and the peeps above. Am in Ireland an I’ve just uploaded my wordpress to my host but when I try to upload themes or pugins or just an update I get Username/Password incorrect. Have checked with my host at all is okay on their side. Pray help



    I’m having a similar issue but I have not moved hosts. I can log into my WordPress account, I can log into my FTP site with an FTP client. I can even log into my hosts backend control panel. When I try and log into my FTP site from inside WordPress to upgrade WordPress or a pluging WordPress can’t connect.

    I am having the same issue with a new install of WordPress on a Linux VPS server. I enter my ftp server details and it tells me my Username/Password is incorrect, although it’s not.

    Has anyone out there figured out any solutions?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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