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  • I am doing a conversion to WP and having troubles getting WordPress plugins to install from within WP for this site.

    Yes the WP install was 5 min:-) But trying to get the plugin working has been over a half a day now:-(

    I have pretty much pulled my hair out on this all day. It appears to
    be a permissions problem with the way FTP works with WP.

    I have checked to see if my FTP info works for site. I even created
    another account just to see if it had something to do with the

    I found this article that talks about the things not to do and

    further down what to do to resolve. But I am not sure how to do what
    they are suggesting.

    I had a similar problem before on one of the sites but was able to
    get past. Just not sure how to resolve on this.

    There is clearly a ton of WP installs out there having similar problems and old and new info all over the web offering good and bad advice. So it makes it really hard to know how to address this issue.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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